About Me

Born and raised Air Force brat, I am a gypsy at heart. I love the idea of packing up and moving at any given moment. Pretty much anywhere. I like change.

I love to explore and have a deep affinity to food.

I crave trying new things and having fun while I do it. I don't believe you should ever stop learning.

I had a daughter in 2003 and a divorce in 2005. It was the two of us against the world.

Until I met a certain Fireman who stole my heart.

He was a single parent as well, with three of his own beasties. Boys in all. *sing the theme to the Brady Bunch, I'll wait*

Neither of us were ones that 'needed' to be in a relationship. But we finally decided that we were better together than apart and got hitched in August of 2009.

We decided to live in his house, as it is in a small town bordering the large town I lived in. Close to everything, but smaller town living. But the house only had 3 bedrooms. So, we demolished the basement and cut in egressed windows and our renovations officially began.

We are nowhere near done, but the bedrooms are and it's a work in process. When we have time between life.

Somehow, I don't think it'll ever be 'done'. Don't tell hubby.

Life with 6 in a house is never easy. Sometimes it's wonderful, sometimes it's hectic....sometimes it's stinky. But it's always where I want to be.

We like to cook in the kitchen together. I like to bake. He likes to listen to Elvis. We ride motorcycles. Yes, I have my own.

I absolutely believe life is an adventure. And I plan to live as much of it as possible.

This summer, we both did the Dukan Diet with great results, most of which are chronicled here. I stand by it.

Our family tries to eat healthier now, but we also understand that sometimes it's absolutely necessary to make dark chocolate brownies with York peppermint patties layered inside and covered with ice cream, hot fudge and sprinkles. It's all about moderation.

Sometimes, I think this is a food blog, sometimes I think it's a renovation blog, sometimes I think it's a silly random blog, other times an adventurous finding-myself blog. But mostly? It's about my life.

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