Friday, December 09, 2011


Last night we finally decorated the Christmas tree. It was an odd affair. The boys decorated part of it, then the girl and I decorated part of it when I got home.

We were tag-teaming it since our schedules have been topsy-turvy lately.

Although I will promise good Christmas music was on and candles were lit. It's the little things...

We do have plans to string some popcorn and cranberries on the tree this weekend.

I have some serious, major, grandiose plans for holiday baking. I'm not sure how much I'll get done. But I've got large aspirations. Fo Sho.

I want to make Snickerdoodles, my family's Christmas cookies, crumbly sugar cookies, biscotti, fudge, salted caramels, dark chocolate cookies with mint chips, my grandma's sugar twist's, plus some new things like baklava and shortbread.

I said it was big plans, man. Not sure how much will actually happen, but I so want to spend a long day in the kitchen baking up a mess. Just sounds heavenly. And fattening.

I want to give some of the cookies away. Makes plates for the neighbors and such.

I really would like to take some to the retirement home's. I want to bake, but I don't want to eat 10 buckets of cookies. All my dieting was not purposeless. I aim to enjoy the food, definitely, but I don't want to gorge on it.

I also hadn't had time for any Christmas present wrapping. So, last night, I started. Finally.

The fireman thinks I'm funny cause I have been stressed about this. But finally we have a good 90% of the presents wrapped. We have a bit less to buy, not too much, then we'll be done. Course you're always buying something right before Christmas, aren't you? I am. Some perfect thing that just has to be added to the rest of it. Like I don't have enough already.

So, hopefully I'll have some great baked goods recipes for everyone next week, comeplete with awesome photos.

I would add pictures of the Christmas tree decorated, but you I will wait until the popcorn is done. Besides, can't find the tree skirt, so the tree bottom is naked as of today. Couldn't put that on the internet. It'd be like Christmas tree porn. Not a good thing.

Oh, and tonight's the company Christmas party so I may have a fun story or two to tell from that. If it goes well, anyway!

And then this morning I woke up to a white world outside. It wasn't terribly thick, but it was pretty. I missed photos of the yard or trees with the pretty white stuff, so I caught this while walking into work this morning.

Have a great weekend folks! Anyone have any fun holiday plans?


Anonymous said...

Love the shoes!

Jana said...

Kudos on attmepting the baklava! I saw How Sweet's recipe for it and thought for half a second that I might attempt it but decided it was just to complicated (and expensive!) for me. lol

Sis2 and I have plans to do some serious baking again this year. Unless her oven gets repaired between now and then though, looks like it's going to done at my my tiny little kitchen. Eep!

And as Anonymous said...Cute shoes! ;-)

JenMarie said...

Thanks! They look like flats, but they are wedge's and some of the most comfy shoes I own. My first time wearing leggings out of the house! :) Daring!

I did have to buy the leggings online to get them long enough for my 5 '10 self. hehe

Jana-If I try the baklava, it will likely be How Sweet's recipe. :)

Jana said...

Did you notice that Pioneer Woman posted a Baklava recipe the other day, too? lol It must be on all our minds. For some reason hers didn't seem quite as intimidating. But still, that phyllo dough is so fussy. :-D

JenMarie said...

I did notice that! I agree. But I think the buttering in the pan is an easier way to go. Also she didn't use as many kinds of nuts.