Friday, August 17, 2007

Crazy School

I think I'm working at the crazy school.
It really is a shame that we don't tell the parents or teachers ahead of time what day school is starting. You know, it's really tough on them to not be able to plan or prepare themselves until the last minute. I mean, really. It really is a shame. *rolls eyes*

Everyone is running around crazy and frustrated and stressed out. And they take it out on the office. It's hard to get things done when you have people running in every half hour wanting something and people calling wanting something. And then they don't ask nicely, they TELL and expect. Even though they are stepping all over you to drop what you're doing and do what they want/need. Yikes. Okay, enough ranting over crazy school. Next Tuesday, when school starts, it will be much better.

The girl's going to her dad's so it'll be quiet in the house. I love having her around too, but I like being able to do nothing and not feel bad about it. It's my little break. And I enjoy it. I think in my next life I'm going to become a hermit. I may give up speech altogether. Course, I see it now, God makes me deaf instead. Jokes on me. :)

I have a movie, The Score, I'm going to watch tonight. After I drop the girl by her dad's I"m running into Home Depot for paint for my bathroom I'm remodeling. I'm excited about getting it finished and it's nearly so. Course, then I'm going to pull up the carpet in my livingroom and hallway. That'll take some work to get done. I'm not going to worry about the sanding just yet. I'm going to concentrate on just getting it up, the staples out, and the tack strips down at the bedroom doorways. I can sand/polyeurethane later. Some other weekend when the girl's at her dad's.

Saturday morning I will have to mow the lawn and paint more, but that's only after I've slept in sufficiently. :) Then I get to go to my BF's house for the afternoon/supper. He's babysitting his little baby neice. I'm looking forward to seeing him.

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