Friday, May 23, 2008

The Day of Rain

Rainy day today. The kind of rainy day where it rains ALL DAY. Kinda in a funk. DD had a field trip scheduled and I was supposed to go with her. She was all excited, as was I. Now I'm stuck at work the whole day and she's disappointed. I'll give her credit though. She woke up this morning and when I told her it was raining she made a face and said, uh oh, they're going to cancel. No crying or whining, just disappointment. They are rescheduling for next week, though. Which is really good cause next week is her last week at the pre-school. I'm putting her in a summer camp at a different place. That way she gets to do lots of really fun planned activities. I'm very excited and so glad I can do that for her. My summers were all relaxing and fun. My mom didn't work and sometimes I still feel a little guilty about it all.

This weekend I'm really jazzed! Three day weekend! DD goes to her dad's Monday night and he's taking her to pre-school Tuesday morning. Anyway, my great big happy dance is for Saturday night! My fireman and I are going to see Indiana Jones!!! I'm going to get a sitter for the first time every for just myself. Normally it's only for board meeting nights. And it's an 8th grader at the school I work at. Actually, her dad's a fireman too. She's watched dd before and dd loves her. I'm just very jazzed because as much as I LOVE movies this will be the first time we'll have ever gone to the movie theater together. Ever. And we've been together a little over two years now. Geez.

Saturday is actually supposed to be no rain, then rain again Sunday and Monday. So, I'll have to mow Saturday, plus go get groceries, gonna take forever to relax. But soo worth it for the evening.

Our new kitty, Sawyer is doing great! Got his shots yesterday and they said he's about 3 months old. Decided to get him declawed. Haven't gotten it scheduled yet, but need to soon! They said the earlier the better for cats.

Last night dd and I visited my friend, and on our way over I realized she lives right near a fire station. Ironically, MY fireman happened to be working and happened to be at THAT fire station last night. I had no idea she was that close. So, we took a little walk down and surprised them. She was so funny about all the hunky fireman. :) LOL She's asking my guy "Can you introduce me?!!!" then finally going out herself while we were laughing. So, we walked out later and she's got some guy sitting chatting with her on the front bumper of the fire truck and dd's got one of the firemen showing her inside the fire truck and all. It was hilarious. THey all took over in there. LOL! What can I say, like mother like daughter...

Have a great weekend everyone!

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