Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Brown Sugar Acorn Squash

Sorry I've been MIA. I am currently recovering from foot surgery; corrective foot surgery for my flat feet. I will soon have pain-,free feet/shins, which after nearly a lifetime of leg pain sounds like heaven to me. Especially since I'm all up with the working out and have been walking/running nearly every day.

And because I'm drugged up right now, I can't say that this post will make any sense.

Where were we? Oh, yeah. Acorn squash.
Do you know what acorn squash is? Maybe everyone out there knows how to make this and is all, why is she blogging about stinking acorn squash?
But maybe you don't, and gosh, you should, cause this is like vegetable dessert. Oh, yes, my friends.

Now, we all know that I like squash. It's an underdog. It's one of those vegetables that everyone forgets to eat. They're healthy, chock full of vitamins, and they are naturally sweet.

Just cut this baby in half, I consider a half a squash per person. They're small and petite.

Use a spoon to scrape out the innards. Then set them on a microwave safe plate, upside down and microwave for about 3 minutes or until soft.
I use a spoon to check doneness, if the squash gives easily, it's cooked. You could also use a fork on the flesh side. Whatever's easier.

Then, flip them right side up, you can leave them on a plate, or set in a bowl so it doesn't roll around *good idea for the kids*. Use your spoon to scrape out some of the flesh.

Add butter and brown sugar (or sweetener), microwave another 20 seconds or so and serve!

The kiddos will love this, for a few reasons. Individual servings always make it more fun, plus it's not your typical veggie, not to mention the fact that it's sweetened with brown sugar.

It's kind of like loaded sweet potatoes without all the carbs/starch. Squash isn't as heavy, either so it won't make you feel as stuffed.

The Recipe:
Brown Sugar Acorn Squash (for 2)
1 acorn squash
2 tsp butter or margerine
2 tsp brown sugar ( I used zero calorie brown baking sweetener) (or to taste)

Cut the squash in half, set cut side down on a microwave safe plate. Microwave for about 3 minutes or until tender throughout. Flip, scrape out some of the sides, add 1 tsp butter/margerine per half and 1 tsp brown sugar or sweetener per half. Microwave another 20 seconds or so to melt the butter and serve!

This was always a favorite of mine growing up and it still is. I still often wonder why I don't make it more.

Enjoy and think of me, being forced to sit on the couch being waited on by a muscly fireman. Oh, man do I have it hard!

*psst* our brick wall? I have two fireman in my living room (one being mine) adding the mortar to the wall and finishing it! I'll be able to update with photos soon!!


Anonymous said...

I loved this growing up. I didnt realize that it was so much better than a potato. I will be picking one up very soon.

Jana said...

(((Jen))) Best wishes on a quick recovery. I'm sort of jealous of your now un-flat feet but glad that you'll feel better. You'll hafta let me know how it feels once you're all done healing. :)

Can't wait to see the brick wall update.

JenMarie said...

Acorn squash definitely has more vitamins in it but not as many carbs that slow your body down. Plus, it's tasty!

Jana,it is technically bunion correction surgery, but also corrects some of the flat footedness. I wore orthotics for years to retrain my foot to stand up correctly. They also released some of the ligaments that have tightened up and make your feet turn in. Should make a difference, especially with the shin pain. I have to do the other foot come October. Doing pretty well, though!