Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Okay, I consider myself a fairly decent cook/baker/whatever. I like to bake bread and cinnamon rolls from scratch. I've made donuts and I can bake a mean pie. Seriously. What I can't do is make chocolate chip cookies.

Truly, not at all. Once, I even devoted a whole period of time trying to find the best recipe out there. I tried tons of them. Honestly.

Either they come out too dry, or too flat, or too hard, or I just don't like the taste.

So, anyway, last night I decided to try a new recipe I found on for cookies with toasted coconut *blech*, which I hastily omitted. Bu what made me interested is that she browns the butter before she adds it and it creates this beautiful toffee-like taste. It was wonderful, believe me. Of course, I poured the beautifully browned butter into a plastic measuring cup. Yes, I KNOW.

It melted.

I should have took a picture.

So, the cookies came out dry and I had to kind of press them together. They didn't spread at all, but I followed the directions to a T. I would have added less flour when I noticed they were getting dry, but they still had a sheen of oil on them. They looked moist. I have another recipe that comes out like that and they're moist and delicious in the center. THOSE cookies, they are the BOMB. But not these....

They bombed...

See, I can bake cookies, man! I just can't bake chocolate chip cookies.

It's no fair.

It's a catastrophe.

I just really wanted to say catastrophe.

I have issues.

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