Friday, April 01, 2011

Lowe's trip

Last night after I got home from work, hubby and the girl and I went to Lowe's and got the light for our dining room! We decided on the wrought iron, stained glass one that I posted a week or so ago. I really liked the wide, single upside down bowl one, but it only had one bulb and it just wasn't enough light, besides, I REALLY LOVE the stained glass one. It totally works with our house. I was only worried about the ambient light that will filter through the glass, but after I saw it working in Lowe's, I was sold. Besides, It'll take 3 60 watt bulbs and right now we only have 1 bulb. So, much improvement. I hope we can get it up this weekend so I can post pictures! I am entirely excited about this. It's what I dreamed about for the room. It goes so well with all the masculine wood and wrought iron and brick. But it brings in a little femininity and whimsical quality.  Color me happy.

We grabbed Taco Bell, cause we took up so much time shopping. THen ran through Target for new work out clothes for hubby.

The girl had to study for a spelling test and grammer test for this morning and we only had time to watch our DVR'd Harry's Law. Still loving this show!

I promise I'll post photos of the last beam that the fireman's working on for a weird wall. And hopefully for the new light!

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Jana said...

Three cheers for a new light! Love it when a plan comes together. Can't wait for the photos. :)