Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We have a porch!

Yay! Another thing on our long list of renovations can be marked off the list. We had someone come in and pour our porch yesterday. It's the only thing we've done so far that we paid someone else to do and oh Lord, was it nice to do. I hate to pay the extra money, but it was NO WORK. Awesome!

We had this 4x4 concrete pad in front of the door and it was sinking in the back corner. So, we knew it wasn't attached to the foundation of the house and we planned on renting a jackhammer and breaking it up. I was worried about this thinking it would be difficult to do.

Enter hubby. Stubborn, HeMan hubby. He says, "I want to try a sledgehammer first."

An hour later...
Gone. Yes, I panicked a bit. I knew they were coming in two days to pour the pad, but I still had a minor heart attack.

They were there early Tuesday morning before I had left for work. They set forms and put a barrier around the house to protect the brick and siding. Then around lunchtime, the concrete truck arrived.

They poured.

And walked in it to move it around.
And pushed it where it needed to go.

And this is after I got home. Looks great! They took a large garage broom and lightly swept the top of the concrete to smooth it out and to create a 'brushed' effect. Super cool.

Awesome, isn't it? I love it.

The girl was running around sweeping the driveway. It killed her that she couldn't help and get in the 'mud'. So, my hubby gave her the job of sweeping some of the broken concrete off the driveway. She took it to heart! Back and forth she went.

Now, we just have to keep everyone off it for 2 days! We have 4 kids and a large dog. Wish us luck.

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