Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!

Well, just lights.
When I got home on Friday, hubby did this...

I love it very much. It makes me happy inside. I know the photo isn't great, but I did the best I could. Hey, taking pictures of lights, especially at night, is HARD. Really. With the light on, all you get is a big bright blur. Bright, like the light fixture is holy and will cure all diseases, kinda bright. *cue music* Yes, that kinda bright.

My parents came down for a visit on Sunday. Lots of fun was had. My fireman made lamb on the rotisserie. It was majorly yummy. I made carrots and parsnips, cooked together and roughly mashed, and some oven potatoes tossed in seasonings and oil and baked. It was a good day. They hadn't seen the wall removal and beams yet. They hadn't seen our beautiful porch yet. They liked them both. We sat on the porch and played outside and talked about more of our plans for the house.

And then my mom told me that she had read my blog. And then she laughed at my cookie incident from last week. See, my mom can COOK. So, it's funny to her that I can't make chocolate chip cookies.

So, she gave me these...
She's hilarious.

Then I told  them both it was getting late and that they could go home now.

No, I didn't really. I laughed and then she told me that the next time I came up to visit, we could make cookies together and she could cure my non-chocolate-chip-cookie-making abilities. My hubby said that too. So, I think I'll take them BOTH up on it. And blog about it.

Why not?


All My Monkeys said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and COMMENTING!!! TYVM!

Well, hey, worst comes to worst, those package cookies are really good. I just made them so it's fresh in my memory. :D

Funny about the word "awkward". My 7yo son just started saying it too. And if that isn't funny enough, it has caught on with my 2yo. Now THAT"S funny.

JenMarie said...

Kids are so funny. I was cracking up about your "I was SO freaked out" last night. The things they say...

Hey, thanks for commenting here, too! :)

Anonymous said...

Have you tried the packaged cookies yet? I think you'll like them. I enjoy your blog.

JenMarie said...

Unfortunately, I haven't tried the package cookies yet. But I plan to soon. I got busy with Easter and all.

But thanks!