Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This Easter was a little bittersweet. Hubby's dad passed away last Thursday. We had hubby's mom and brother over for Easter on Saturday. It just worked out better, Middle boy wanted to eat with his girlfriend and her G'ma and oldest boy had plans as well. So, we were able to all be together this way.

We had a nice big ham and I made my sweet potato casserole (always a winner). I crunch up corn flakes with brown sugar, butter and pecans to top it with. We also steamed some asparagus and I had some frozen Parker House Rolls in the freezer from last time I made them (Christmas maybe?). Very yummy!

The boys are older, so they didn't want as much of the candy stuff. We bought them each large Reese's eggs and a pack of Monster, Peach Tea Snapple and Red Bull, respectively. For the girl, we got a bike basket, because, as my fireman said, "She needs something to carry her dolly in when she rides her bike." Too cute or what? Anyway, I found a really cute one and we put a large Peter Cottontail Easter bunny in it, like the kind they had when I was young. Yum! Pink peeps, Easter socks from Target, plastic egg with M&M's and some bunny gummies (they all got this as well). They were so cute all lined up at the table. I should have taken a picture...

Anyway, after church on Sunday, we all kind of vegged. It was nice to take a day off from the remodeling and everything else.

Remodeling update:
Tonight, we have a muralist (is that the right word?) coming to the house. The green wall behind the dining room table is begging for some whimsical coffee art. I could probably do it myself, but I am not creative! I would have to find pictures online and I'm not sure if it would look full enough. So, we're going to have her look at the space and get an idea on how much it would cost. If it's crazy expensive, I'll do something myself and we'll hang some chunky coffee art or framed coffee prints around it.

We're trying to decide on an accompanying color for our hallway. We're going to paint that dark green from the dining room along one of the living room walls. We're also going to have brick on the accent wall of the living room. The hallway will have to be lighter, to lighten up the room. Once we get the green up, we'll paint some swatches and see what looks good. A tan or a gray would be nice. I had thought about a khaki, but I'm afraid too much yellow will look like John Deere. We are using a cranberry color as accent. It will work with the brick and will tie into the kitchen when it gets done.

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