Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Family Business

First of all, because I never got around to it. I'll post a final photo for our roof job.
I think it looks great! I love it.
We're still planning on repainting the house sometime this summer/fall.

So, I've been busy. My sister came to town, bringing her two little ones in tow. Between visiting with her and taking a family trip to Chicago, we've been here and there and everywhere.

But I got to love on my niece and nephew!
Here's my sweetie niece. :)

And my sweet nephew with the girl. :) They LOVED each other. :)

So very, very sweet.
That boy can give some kisses, man.

We spent some fun time on the farm looking at all the pretty horses.
We took the kids on wagon rides. The girl's legs nearly don't fit. :(
We pushed swings for those two for more hours than I thought I ever could.

We watched the horses play, and listened to them whinny.
They watched us as we walked down the road to the crick. The two kids wanted to play in the crick and try to catch frogs.

I held the baby, while my sis jumped in the crick to see how easy it would be for the kids to get in. She went in wearing her jeans, and her socks.

I have no clue why she kept her socks on. She's an odd duck.

Come on, wet socks? *shudder*

She gave some excuse about sharp rocks, but I think she just forgot to take them off.

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