Monday, June 06, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ok, so if you all recall my last foray into baking the chocolate chip cookie goodness did not turn out into goodness. It was kinda badness. Chocolate chip cookie badness is very, very sad.

My loving mom brought me these if you remember.
I'm pretending that she was being wonderful and helpful. Not teasing me in my inability to cook the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

Cause she would NEVER do that.

I think.

Anyway, I finally got a chance to try them out! With all the roof working action lately, I haven't had a chance to do any real baking. The girl and I had settled down for a girl's night with our DVR'd premier release of Disney's Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure! :) hehe

We decided we needed cookies.

I decided that I could make an attempt. I mean, how hard can it be? It's a mix!

Ok, so I grabbed my favorite mixing bowl and my favorite measuring spoons. Cause using your favorite baking tools make for better baking.

Softened margarine and 1 Tablespoon of water. Stirring together.

Ooh, pretty! Well, they looked pretty, even if the picture doesn't.
Smells good, too.
Finished product.
China check: Paper by Great Value
Verdict: Mighty tasty. While not "the perfect" chocolate chip cookie. They come in with high marks for a super easy option for those that cannot-for-the-life-of-them make awesome chocolate chip cookies.
We enjoyed them.
As in, all of them. Every last bite.

It was a snack pack, don't judge.

In other news,
as in, THE ROOF, we found a roofing crew that can come in at a good price. Yay!
However, we have to wait until NEXT weekend. Boo!
But, it's a good price and I think the rain will hold off and the felt paper will hang on. I'd rather repair a few spots of felt paper than mess up royally on the roof. Cause, if we don't shingle it right, the lifetime warranty on the shingles goes out the window.

So not worth it.

The little bit of water that got in before the felt job was done got some of our insulation in the attic wet. Wet insulation is worthless insulation. So, hubby and I gritted our teeth and finally went up Sunday to take out the wet stuff.

The weather has been warm, like 85 degrees. We took out the roof vents and patched them up and felted over them. We're going to cut a ridge vent when they're ready to throw the shingles. Can't before, cause it'll leak.

So, the attic was like 150 degrees. I'm really not joking. It may have been hotter. I should have taken a thermometer up with us to check it. Just sitting up there was like sitting in a sauna, with sweat rolling off of you. Ok, that's yucky, sorry.

We couldn't wear gloves cause we had to check to see what was wet. We had an idea, because of where we saw wet spots on the ceiling. We bagged the wet stuff and the cellulose that was wet as well. We took lots of breaks, dumped it and bagged some more.

I would have rather waited until the roof was done and vented, but the dumpster is getting picked up today (Monday) and it seemed best to get that insulation gone with it. Also, it could mold.

We can wait and put new insulation in once the roof is done, though. And we will.

There isn't that much to replace and it really won't take long. We have to repaint the ceiling in two rooms. Not a real big deal since once the plaster is fixed in the living room, we have to repaint that ceiling anyway. The plasterer was working on some other jobs, then went on vacation. We are supposed to call him back tonight to see when he can come down and patch us up.

Jana, so sweet of you to comment on my blog! The hot attic part wasn't fun. Course, if we had professionals do it, they probably could have gotten it done before the rain happened and the insulation got wet. All in all, we still saved money. I'll do a cost comparison when it's done and see how much.

The best part? Our part in the whole roof episode is pretty much over.

Oh, and the GARDEN is IN!! I'm so happy. I'll take some pictures and post tomorrow, hopefully. Looks great!

Oh, and more baking to come! Tonight, I'm baking the blueberry pie for the neighbor who fixed our A/C a week ago! I'll take pictures. I'm going to make him 2, one for the family, and one just for him. :)

Cause that's just the way I roll.

Also, today is the youngest boy's birthday!! Happy Birthday!!! He's 14. He's at his mom's today, but when he comes back he wants a layered peanut butter brownie with chocolate brownie's. I tried to figure out the best way to do this. I could use melted peanut butter chips, or a layer of Reese's. Or find a recipe on the 'net. Then while shopping, I found one of those Reese's pan desserts. It's a thick layer of peanut butter goodness on a chocolate cookie crust with a ganache type chocolate poured over the top. I think that would be perfect layered with regular brownie's. I haven't figured out the logistics yet, but I will!!!

Then, on Friday it's the girl's birthday party. She's turning 8. I'll have to make the cake on Thursday night. I'm real jazzed about it. I have a pattern all drawn out that matches her themed cups/plates/tablecloths. More on that later.

It's Baking Week here on JenMarie.

Stay tuned....

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