Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why I Ride

Last year, I took the Motorcycle safety class offered by the local community college. I thought I'd still be too afraid to ride by myself.

I wasn't. I loved it.

I bought this beauty. A 2005 Kawasaki Vulcan 800.
I bought her some bags and did a few fun upgrades for her.

This pic is actually from this spring, when it was cold enough outside to wear a hoodie under my leather jacket.

Before you yell at me, I wasn't wearing a helmet because I was just starting her up. When it's cold outside, you hafta let her warm up. I always, always, always, always wear a helmet when I ride.


And no, Mom, that wasn't just for you. :)

Last night, I got home to hubby's beef pot roast with lots of yummy carrots and potatoes and Hawaiian bread *I am so lucky, yes I know*. Then we walked down to Granny's, a little ice cream shack that serves burgers and tenderloins and is only open in the summer. Last night was their first day open and we had to get some ice cream.

When we got home, we got on our bikes for a nice evening ride.

We rode north and then cut back through some country roads, out around and back on another highway.

There were very few cars on the road and we stayed out of town for the most part.

You could smell the honeysuckle, the grass, the wet leaves in the woods, the dirt, the cows, the fields. It's amazing on a bike. Each smell hits you and then you're out of it and get hit with another.

When you ride downhill, you hit these pockets of cooler air and you can feel the temperature warm as you ride uphill. These are things you don't experience in a car. Maybe in a convertible, but it's not quite the same.
Hubby's bike is on the right, it's a Victory 8 Ball, it's a blacked-out model of the Vegas. Mine still had the windshield that I took off after I got the hang of the bike. Also, it still has the turn signals. I took them off and got new side mirrors with LED turn signals in the stem. They're awesome! I like the clean look without them, and actually, they're brighter and more noticeable when they're on.

We rode 50 miles, or close to an hour.

It was fun, and a little romantic.

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