Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Birthday's and Floorboards

Friday was my birthday and yesterday was the fireman and my 2nd anniversary! We've been on the town!

I turned 31. Yipes! And we went to see Crazy, Stupid Love, with Steve Carrell and Julianne Moore. Amazing movie, by the way. Seriously funny and seriously sweet. And ate supper at the Flat Top Grill. Yum.... and surprisingly healthy. He got me a really nice slim Nikon camera for my birthday! No more out of focus camera pics here, folks! He knows me so well, It' purple.

Last night, we went out to the Olive Garden and actually found food to fit in our diet. The hardest part of living with a diet is when you're out or with friends. You have to keep focused on your goal. It's hard to not say, "But this is a special occasion or cause I had a hard day." I had to say "I'm worth the work!" instead.

By the way, I stopped by a clothing shop on the way home and tried on a couple of dresses. They both looked amazing on me, not my style, but just the fact that the size that I couldn't fit in 6 months ago was.... wait for it......loose.

Yep, I'm worth it.

I ordered two grilled chicken breasts with marinara and a small amount of shaved parmesan cheese on top. And I had 3 bowls of salad, with NO croutons. I've got to be honest, it was delicious. I can't say I missed the fried chicken. I did, however miss the spaghetti noodles. Still, a success. We were super proud of ourselves and sipped coffee afterwards, instead of wine. Hubby had seafood in a white wine and garlic sauce.

Over the weekend, we took some of the girl's things out of her room and finished the trim around her room and windows. It looks awesome!

She's going to love it!

Yes, that's Miley Cyrus on the left and Selena Gomez on the right. Don't judge, she's 8.

We're going to try to paint her ceiling as well before she gets home on Saturday! I can't wait!

For the girl, not the painting.

We also need to paint the living room/dining room/hallway as well. And the study. *pfft* Lots of painting to do.

Oh, and by the way, my weight this morning = 177.6
4.4 lbs off since July 24th, and 11.4 off since last winter.
Success is sweet.
*although not as sweet as a warm gooey cookie* I can hardly wait.


Jana said...

Yay! Good on you, Jen. I'm so happy for you. Maybe your success will serve as some motivation for me. :-)

Glad you enjoyed your birthday and anniversary.

JenMarie said...

Thanks! :) Actually, you're talks on walking and finding recipes with low fat kinda helped jump start me!