Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Off the grid and away again

Last Saturday morning, I anxiously got ready and left for Tennessee, to meet and pick up my girl. I drove 5 hours, 300 some miles to get there. Sat and waited until her dad's van came into view.

It was a wonderful reunion, after 6 weeks in Florida, I was blown away by how much I'd missed her and how much I love her.

I just haven't been able to get enough of her even yet.

I drove down alone so that we could have unobstructed 'girl talk' time. We chatted and giggled all the way home. Did it take as long to get home as it did to get down there? I'll never know. I was having too much fun. She spent most of the time with her arms wrapped around my right arm, hugging me as I drove.

She seems more mature, even after 6 weeks. Definitely more tan, and blonder. :)

Sunday, my friend and her girls invited us to go see the play, Hairspray, with them. We did and it was amazing. A local theatre put it on. Afterwards, we let the girls go down and get signatures on their playbills. Which was the highlight for them. Getting to talk to these amazing actors after watching them sing and dance their hearts out.


Monday, I brought her to work with me as I couldn't bear to be apart from her yet. She had a great time working alongside me on her little netbook and helping me stamp and envelope things. What a fun helper!

Tomorrow morning, we leave for Wisconsin Dells, to go to one of the water parks and have a great last bash before school starts next week. The youngest boy, the girl, the fireman and myself are going to have some serious fun.

I'll be back next week with pics and stories!

PS. On the dieting track, I'm down to 173. I officially have 6 more pounds to go.
I also have 3 weeks until my cousin's wedding. So, if I can stay on my 2 lbs per week, I should be able to have cake at the wedding! And then I can start working food back into my diet and maintain!

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Jana said...

Oh yay for the girl being home! :) I know you must be so so happy to have her back.

Hope you enjoy these last couple days with her before school.

And yay! on the weightloss. Fingers crossed that it continues for you.