Monday, August 15, 2011

Wisconsin Dells

We spent Wednesday - Friday at the Wisconsin Dells, at the Mt. Olympus water/theme park to be exact. Loads of fun.
Definitely a kid's vacation.
I am sooo sooo glad that we planned it so that we came home Friday evening and I had the weekend to recover.
High. Energy. Vacation.

Wednesday, we left around 8am, got there around 1pm, drove around and saw the downtown areas and some fun sights. We checked into our hotel room and got our wristbands. We rode some of the roller coasters until dinner-time.

The hardest part of a diet? Doing it on vacation. Oh man!
But we did it. And we kept each other honest. I had some awesome beef steaks with a roasted tomato, garlic and marsala wine at a place called House of Embers. Hold the mashed potatoes. And did not have ANY ice creams or fudge or anything all weekend. Yipes!

Then we stopped at a couple of touristy shops and headed back to the hotel for showers and bed.

Thursday we went out for breakfast at Denny's and I ate a skillet breakfast with sausage, ham, eggs and diced veggies and some cheese. Again, no potatoes, but still yummy. We changed and hit the waterpark for the whole day!

I was sooo tired! We walked and stood in lines and went down slides and stood in lines. :) High. Energy.

We stopped around 6pm for dinner and found a BBQ place with a nice salad buffet, Buffalo Phil's I believe.  The park was open at night, Thursday, for Night at the Theme Park from 10pm-1am. We had to wait at the hotel for a half an hour or so before we could go back to the park. We just kind of relaxed from the day and then hit the park until very nearly 1am. We rode more roller coasters and rode lots of go-karts. The kids got ice cream and we had a blast.

Oh, and wooden roller coasters? Ouch. Almost too jerky for my neck. I will probably make sure any future theme park has metal roller coasters in the future.

We got up Friday morning around 9:30 to pack and check out and went downtown for breakfast at Mimi's Restaurant. We ate more of a lunch fare, because it was 11, by the time we got there. We stopped at a few touristy places and some cheese shops. They had fun cheese tasting counters where we tasted some wonderful 12 year old aged cheddar. Wow. I tried some lovely swiss and hubby loved the aged bleu cheese.

The kiddo's got some fudge and jerky and we picked up some hot sauce and jams. We were worried the cheese wouldn't travel well.

We thought about going back to the park for a few more rides, but were tuckered out. So, we just headed home.

And spent the next two days recovering from our vacation.

P.S. And I am now down to 171.4 lbs's 4.4 lbs to go!! Hubby lost 16 so far!

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Jana said...

That's awesome that you were able to maintain your diet while on vacation! :) WTG

Sounds like ya'll had a blast. Happy vacation recovery! ;-)