Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Cousin's Wedding

Friday morning, the girl and I got up early, 5:00am and got ready, loaded our bags and got to the airport to fly to Denver, CO for my cousin's wedding.

The flight was fine, we even got a little sleep on the way.

Denver airport is HUGE, by the way. They have 2 different locations of baggage claims. We walked down to one set and walked all the way from one side to the other to find out that our bags were at the OTHER baggage claim, the West Baggage Claim. Seriously?

So, after we found our bags, we walked out to the Hertz bus, because the airport was so large that the rental cars were located a few miles from the airport. They took us to Hertz and I got my car. I had been upgraded to a silver Rav4. Awesome! THe girl and I traveled in style. :)

We ended up not checking into our hotel until after the rehearsal and just met at my Aunt and Uncle's house. We helped put together the wedding programs, that were glued to wooden sticks to make fans incase it's hot outside. Super cool idea.

My parents and grandparents met us there and we had lots of fun sitting around punching out programs, gluing them on and tieing black and pink ribbons around each stick.

After the rehearsal, at the gorgeous Black Stone Country Club in Parker, we met another country club for BBQ and social time. Awesome that I could stay on my diet with the brisket and chicken BBQ.

The hotel was the Hamptons in Parker and was super nice.

The next morning, the girl was whisked away with the bride and her posse to get their hair done.

Didn't she look nice?

And cute from the back, too. They sprinkled glitter all in it and she had it on her shoulders as well.

This was still fairly early, so she had to sit carefully until we got dressed up.

Fancy fancy!

I took this pic to send to hubby. Can't really see it, but the dress is sort of nude colored with sheer black layered on the top in folds and the skirt had two layers of the the black sheer with black sheer twisted up roses around the top layer.

I didn't bring the right cord for my new camera, so these were all from my phone, but I did have this one from the wedding. This is right after the wedding ceremony. They took a lot of pictures of the bridal party and after she was done, I got a few.

There was a yummy dinner buffet with steak and chicken and ham and a huge yummy salad and carrots and green beans. I was in heaven.

We danced all night long, my cousin, the bride's brother gave a truly beautiful, heartfelt speech for his sis. Got me all teary.

And the girl?

She caught the bouquet. 



Jana said...

LOL Love that the girl caught the bouquet. Ya'll both looked so pretty. Glad you had fun visiting your family.

JenMarie said...

Thanks, we did have so much fun. :)
I texted hubby and was all, guess who's daughter caught the bouquet? He texted back: Oh no!
:) hehe

epoxy said...

congrats to your cousin .. hope you'll be happy forever

JenMarie said...

Thanks, epoxy! They looked so very happy. Weddings are beautiful things to see.