Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Circus, Parades and Bathroom Tubs

Last weekend, hubby and I took the kids to the circus. The Barnum & Bailey's 200 anniversary circus. This was a big deal, cause the middle boy went with us! The oldest boy, nearly 20, understandable didn't want to go. But other than that, it was the whole crew.

Hubby took the girl down to the pre-show. They had lots of activities to walk around and see/do.
 It was really sweet. He was all, come on, let's go play!
Ooh, look over there. There's an elephant paining!

No, really. There was. An elephant painting. They had a drawing for it.

Hubby entered the drawing.

Someone actually has a painting on their wall done by an actual Asian Elephant.

It looks like I painted it with my toe.

But hey, that's probably really good for an elephant.

I just love all the pretty circus cars, the elephants, the cotton candy, the popcorn. *sigh*

It was fun.

 Friday was homecoming. I left work early for the parade. The girl was in it with her girl scouts. That's her on the right, in the center. With the sash and the bag of candy.
And the youngest boy was there with the high school band. Can't see his face, but he's there. He plays the trumpet. He rocks.

We went to the game later that night and we won!! Woo hoo!!

No, I didn't understand much of the game.

Yes, the shirtless, painted shirt boys were there again. This time with more recruits. BTW, it was COLD. AND they started a wave in the audience. FUN!

Renovations update: plumber dude came and helped hubby install the tub and drain. Oh, yeah!
This was last week, but I was busy...

This week, he'll work on the faucets and the plumbing for the shower head, etc...

Also, today, as I type, our wood floors are being installed.

Can I get an amen?


Thank you.

Photo updates of beautiful wood floors tomorrow!!


Jana said...

Wooo Hooo for wood floors and bathtubs! :-D

Glad ya'll have been having fun. Yay for winning! And the circus sounds like fun. I haven't been to one since I was a little girl. :)

JenMarie said...

Me neither. I took the girl and youngest boy to a small circus last year, but it was tiny and rinky dink. THey still had fun, tho. I went to a Ringling Bros when I was around her age and I still remember it. It was great.