Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Proof of bike renovations

Remember how I changed my breaklight on my bike? Remember how doing so kept me off my bike for like 3 weeks because I couldn't figure out the wiring?

I finally brought pictures for everyone!

I know you were all dying to see the transformation.

I forgot a before shot. So, you will just have to look at this stock photo and notice how the breaklight sticks out like a bumble bee butt.

*blech* *ewe*

You must ignore the crazy weird stock pipes. I totally have major cool looking aftermarket ones.

Thank you.

 See how it doesn't stick out anymore?
She is super cool now! Sleek and stylish. Woohoo. I didn't have anyone with me to help with the pictures, and I don't have go-go Gadget arms. *Darn it!* So, you won't see the lights in action, but the inside ring of lights light up red as a parking light and the outside ring lights up red when the brake is applied. And the led lights are BRIGHT!

Then, here's the cool part: when you hit the turn signals, the appropriate side lights up in yellow and blinks.


And the best part: No turn signals sticking out from the sides of the fender. I always think they look funny.

I'm sure you agree.

This is the front of the bike with the turn signals gone as well. I did this last year. If you notice the stems of the mirrors have led running lights. They blink when you hit the turn signal. Well, one side blinks anyway....the appropriate side.

I know you were all really excited about my bike upgrades and patiently awaiting accompanying photos.

Thank you for your support.



Anonymous said...

The changes look really great! And you did it yourself! You rock.

JenMarie said...

Thanks!! :)