Monday, September 19, 2011

Soccer and a football game

The girl has started playing soccer. And to tell you the truth, she wasn't very good. But, I didn't even know she wasn't very good cause I"m not really a sporty kinda gal. So, the fireman went with us to her first game, after 1 practice and he was all, "Oh my..."

I'm all, "what?"

"Oooh, she's not very good at this."

"Really? But she, like, TOTALLY kicked that ball once!"

"Yeah, and then she moved aside to let the other team have a turn."

"Oh, yeah. I see your point."

So, since he coached the boys when they were small and in soccer, he has been taking her to practice once or twice a week to the park nearby. Now she's one of the better players on the team!

Go team Orange!
By the way, she is wearing shorts, they are just sorta short and she has long legs...

Friday night, the girl and I went to the high school's football game.

No, we didn't really 'get' any of the game. But that's ok. We had fun eating nachos and drinking soda in the stands.

The atmosphere is really fun.

Even if you don't understand the game.

Half-time was also fun.

The youngest boy is somewhere in the right frame of this picture.

The season's music was the Rise and Fall of Rome. Awesome!

The band did great, they looked great!

Funniest part of the night: The girl says, "Mom, those shirts look weird."

"Um, dear? Those aren't shirts."

She looks at me with her nose all scrunched up. "What?"

"That's paint." I reply grinning.

And that my friends is the real reason I was taking photos of these barechested, highschool-aged boys with big pecs.

I'm a very dedicated blogger...


Jana said...

Oooo, thank ya kindly, m'dear. ;-)


Glad the girl's getting some extra coaching from your fireman. Also, hope she's really enjoying it. :-D

JenMarie said...

It's really cute and sweet to see them practice together.