Monday, September 12, 2011

A Week's Review

Lots of little things. I've been bad little blogger, busy, busy.

The girl has started soccer. First time ever to play it. She's doing good, considering. A little hesitant, maybe, but she'll get it. The coach is super good about teaching the placement and 'jobs', instead of letting them run wild.

Buying soccer equipment is an experience! Getting it on is even harder. Lordy, those shin guards and socks are TIGHT!

We've got the tub in! Success. It looks sweet! Hubby is working on the cement board around the tub today so that we may tile it. I'll update soon with pics.

We have this futon downstairs in our family room. A comfy couch and a futon, in case the kids have someone overnight. The metal brackets that keep the futon in place broke off early on because they're not sturdy. So, for the last year, the cushion slides down and touches the floor and it looks bad, and isn't comfy to sit on. But it's a nice futon and looks good in the room. Well, it would if it wasn't sagging.

So, a couple of weeks ago I ran to JoAnn's fabrics and bought 3 yards of 1 inch wide edging. Looks like wide shoe-lacing. I cut it in strips and sewed it to the back of the futon so that I could tie it to the metal mesh frame at the back. It worked great! The hardest part: the padding inside was loose and I had to drag the ENTIRE cushion upstairs and hold it up to the sewing machine at the points of stitching. I measured it ahead of time so that the ties matched up with the mesh wire. It's heavy and unwieldy. I had to have the girl stand on one side and lean against my leg to hold the cushion up while I tried to get the appropriate spot up to the machine. It was comedic, folks.

Also, I got a load of pictures in the mail. Ever since the girl was born and I started with digital pictures, I've been crazy about dating them and keeping them in order. Every 4 to 6 months, I print out all my photos and then I label them and put them in an album in order. I also save them to a flash drive with all my photos and have them in folders separated by year, and sometimes events within that year. I'm kind of obsessive that way, but if you wait too long, you never remember which year is which and they get all mixed up. So, every time I get it all organized, it makes me happy.

Our little bitty town we live in, right on the edge of the city had their Pioneer Days. The fire department, 2 streets from my house had a pancake breakfast on Saturday and there were shops set up for the whole weekend on the main street, 5 streets down from my house. I sure love living in this small town. We have a new antique shop that moved in and there were handmade jewellery and art stands, pottery and rag rugs. We bought a maroon/charcoal rag rug for our kitchen. The little old ladies that make them get together every monday and work from 12:30 - 8pm. It's their social time. They're all widows and just adorable. Hubby and I enjoyed chatting with them.

They also have a blacksmith that comes each year. Hubby loves to talk to him. We commissioned a job from him this year! Our green wall beside our dining room table that we wanted the mural on. *I may still do this myself, but the muralist was too expensive.* We are running a wrought iron chair rail instead of wooden along the wall. We are having the blacksmith pound out wrought iron brackets to attach it to the wall studs. He's pounding it out with decorative leaves at the end. It'll be artwork on the wall. Pretty! I can't wait to see them.

I did finally figure out the wiring on my bike and have been riding it everywhere before the weather gets too cold to ride. We have had our windows open for the last week or more. Lovely. Hubby and I bought a ton of wonderful fall candles from Bath & Body Works since they were all half off and have been burning them on the piano each night. It's lovely.

I introduced the girl to The Lord of the Rings. :) hehe. We watched it till late Saturday night. I forgot how long that movie was. At 11:30, I finally shut it off to take her to bed. We were both tired and it still had 1 1/2 hours to go. Yipes! She liked it, though!

The Ringling Bros are coming to town.  It's their 200th year and supposed to be a big show. We're going to take the kids. Actually, I think the middle boy is even interested in coming with us. The youngest boy and the girl and beside themselves with excitement. As am I. :)

My garden is nearly done for the year. I have been enjoying getting grape tomatoes off each day. We have had a perpetual bowl of tomatoes on the island and I will miss them. They're such a sweet treat to pop in my mouth as I walk by.

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Jana said...

Wow! Sounds as though you've had a lot going on. :) Glad you got your bike fixed. I know you're enjoying that!

It's been lovely weather here lately, too. I'm scared to get too used to it though in case it's going to get hot again. lol