Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Happy Feet

So, the floor was laid yesterday.

It is beautiful and I am happy.
That's just a dog bone in front of the couch.
Also, that's just a blanket over a pile of pillows. It's NOT where we were hiding the body during the picture.
I swear.

The hallway looks great! Now the floor is all even and has the same flooring! This is where we took out the wall.

I really love the open look and the beams. Pretty pretty shiny wood.

Can you see the texture here? The hand scraped finish? It makes my feet happy when I walk across it barefoot.

It makes me want to dance across it.

And slide.

Happy, happy feet.

Even the dog likes it!!

Oddly enough, today was the day I finally got new carpeting in my office! So, I moved in all my things in a totally different pattern. Before, my desk was in front of the window, pretty, but I couldn't look out of it. Plus, I had a bear of a glare on my monitor all day. A BEAR of a glare.

I can totally write poetry.

I also have really happy feet.

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