Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Busy weekend

Man it's been a busy week. I guess I should back up. I didn't talk about last weekend at all! Went to my mom's after work with my little Cait. She was all sorts of excited. My Grandparents came over after we got there for supper. So, we all had supper together and Cait was, as always the life of the party. :) She's such a booger. She dances and makes a production of anything! While we 'women folk' did dishes she played ponies in the living room where 'the men folk' sat on the couches and chatted and watched her. My mom made her famous turtle brownies. They really are amazing. And some coffee, if I can dare call it that. I mean, come on... it's decaf and it's weak. But I'd never say that to my mom. Then we all sat at the table and ate our desserts, yum yum.

Then Saturday we just hung around and went outside and walked around the farm. Looked at the porch that my dad's working on. You know, it's amazing. I'm telling you, it's like he can do anything. I joke about it, but it's so true. He just is exact and careful and will make it look like it was commissioned by an architect. It'll be a wrap around the corner, front to side door. And it's all thought out and planned. I think that's so amazing. It must be where I get my planning from. I have so much respect for that man. So cool.

Then we had lunch and went down to see my grandparents. My grandpa had told Cait that he'd take her on the dune buggy. I don't know if it's truly a dune buggy or not, but it's a little blue car with no top and a roller bar behind the front seats. Course, it comes to my chin, so if we did roll, my head would come off. Yay. But it was fun. We didn't go real crazy. I sat in the back with the little one and we rode around the field and out around town (pop. 100), tiny, but still, it has a township. It was fun, we went in a couple of ditches and Cait giggled and squealed. Very fun time. And then we got back and she wanted to do it again, so my grandpa got out his tracter. She loves tracter rides, but he let her get on it and had it in first gear, REALLY slow and she drove it around. Now, remember she's only 3 years old. She was steering this thing around his garden and orchard like she had been driving for, well, at least a year. :) He'd say, now don't run into my tree, to go around it and she'd grab that steering wheel and turn and turn it, knowing where to go. I was surprised. Course, it was moving an inch per second or something. Chug....chug....chug...chug... :) But she even parked it back in the barn among the hay bales. He helped her telling her which way to go, but she got it in the doorway (with only a foot leeway on each side) and turned it and got it parked. Yep, she's gonna be a racecar driver!! Or a bus driver.... LOL

Then we went to the Moose for dinner, lots of old people, but I have to say, old people are so much fun. They really crack me up. I don't think I realized how funny old people were until I got older. They say things that you don't get the innuendo or the back story of until you have been around a while. But I just listen to them and laugh and laugh. We had to come home after supper, though, so we drove back as it was getting dark and I had Meatloaf playing. Much fun. I do love a road trip. Even if it's only an hour drive. I like that fine.

So, we got home and put Cait to bed and got a few hours of free time. Course, I talked to my fireman. :) Did a little floor exercises. I had church in the morning, which is why I came home early, my second confirmation class, so I didn't want to miss church and getting Cait to a sunday school. Had a fun time on the phone too. Sat outside with a cup of good coffee, it was nice and cold, had a blanket, ...wonderful... :)

I have to hand it to her again. Cait went to her sunday school class without a hitch. Not like last time I tried, a few months ago where I didn't get to leave the room. Great, I prepared her and she knew what was going on and had a great time. She was confused about the school thing. She said, "Mom, I can't go to school till next year!" I said, "Yes, dear, but this is church school." So, she got that difference and it processed into sense then in her little head and she was good. :) I then had to find a class for me to go to. I know a lady that has a ladies group, but I couldn't find it, wonder if she isn't doing it anymore. So, I found the pastor and asked him (I asked 3 other people and they sent me wrong places), so he said to follow him and we went to his class in the little chapel. I was by far the youngest in the group, and one of the few women, but I dont' mind that, it was a good group and I enjoyed myself. Cait had a good time and sat through the service afterwards very well!

I then took her home, fed her and then had to take her to the cook's house (the cook from the school I work at). She's a friend of mine and watched her for me while I went back to church for #2 of 3 confirmation classes. Just one to go now. Cait was good and she didn't even mind being left somewhere where she didn't know the people much or the place at all. The class was really good, it was about your personal walk with God and personal devotion and fellowship with other Christians. I enjoyed the time and the guy leading the class really opened up and gave some great points, talking about being open, which I'm really bad at. It really made me think about how I don't like to let people in and how that is a weakness and God wants us to fellowship. It strengthens us. 2 or 3 strands are stronger than 1. THis is true. It's just so easy to rely on me only and be by myself. It's comfortable here. No let downs, you know? Well, it's something to think about anyway.

So, we had a good time. I'm going to stop here cause that's a lot of stuff. We were both tired it seemed when I picked her up we didn't do the grocery thing like I had planned. But that's okay. We got around to it Monday after the Soccer game. But I'll elaborate further later.

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