Friday, September 22, 2006


What a beautiful day today is. I've been enjoying the fall colors and the cooler weather. Course it looks like it's going to rain before long, but I"m alright with that. I like some good gloomy skies! Don't know why, but a lot of time, the dark, rainy, thing is so appealing to me. It's kind of magical, you know? You can feel the energy in the air, like the world comes to life. I really love that. The breeze feels different. It's just...alive. I don't know.

A certain Fireman friend brought in Ghirardelli chocolate to me and my co-worker friend yesterday, it was really nice. Good just to see him. He closed on his house yesterday and was just so excited about it. It was fun hearing all the plans he has. I know the feeling. I love that. So much fun stuff going on. Looking towards the future. What a wonderful thing.

Tonight I"m going to my mom & dad's after work. Get to hang out there for the night and tomorrow. Probably will come back tomorrow night so I can go to church in the morning. I have my 2nd confirmation class on Sunday afternoon. ANother friend from work is watching my little one while I'm in class. And she's all excited about it, my little one, I mean. Well, my friend is too, I think... :) She offered, so I'm pretty sure it's okay. Hopefully I can talk to my fireman tomorrow night, find out about all he's done with his new house. It'd be nice to see him. Course, he's been so busy moving, he'll probably not want to take long on the phone. Moving time and all. That's ok. I know the feeling.

My co-worker tells me that I overthink everything. I know that's true. But she tells me I make a mountain out of a molehill. Probably true too. I just wish I didn't worry so much about where I am. It's just annoying cause I think I'm pretty confident I'm at a certain place. But then I worry or think that maybe I'm taking things for granted because of one little thing that happens and I think I'm being ignorant. That's probably one of my worst problems. I get comfortable with something. But maybe it's okay. WHo knows, maybe I'm just crazy. :) Yep, that'd be about right. Just can't get away from the hedging sometimes, when I'm not prepared, you know? (There's the classic "you know") I dont' know what to do with it. I have to plan these things. Which may be the problem. ack, ack, nerves, nerves, tension, stress. :) LOL Not all bad, but it does put me on edge. Cause it's so personal and hard to open up sometimes.

My sister is 30 weeks along now, gonna have a baby boy. She's so excited, has no name yet!!! I can't imagine not having planned that out by now. I had my little one's name long before she was born. That's so fun, planning for a baby. I really wish I was closer so I could spend more time with her through her pregnancy and help with the baby like she did with me. I miss her a whole lot. It is kinda hard to be that close to someone and not see them but twice a year. THank goodness for telephones and unlimited long distance.... :)

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