Thursday, September 28, 2006

My week so far

Tonight I finally get to rest. Spend some time with Cait and just have fun. We've not had an evening to ourselves in nearly a week and tomorrow after work I take her over to her dad's for the weekend.

Monday we went to the soccer game after work. Co-worker's daughter was playing and Cait just loves to watch them play soccer. :) Hollaring her name when we got on the field. I brought a blanket and McDonald's so we just sat and ate and watched the game. She had to run off with the kids and play afterwards, she had a blast. Cait was really good, too, I told her not to go far, and she ran off, I was watching her. The kids kept going and she stopped and looked at me to see if it was ok. I nodded and she took off. IT was really good, cause she kept coming back and asking if she was too far, or coming to check in. Good kid! Then since we hadn't gotten around to groceries Sunday, just too exhausted after the class stuff, we had to go Monday after the game, so by the time we got home it was bath/bedtime. Good thing we did Micky D's.

Tuesday I had my Board Meeting at work, and since her babysitter let me know MOnday after I picked her up that she had something come up and couldn't watch her, I had to ask my co-worker at the soccer game if she'd do it. Course, she did. So, I only had an hour to feed her, so we just ran to Fazoli's and sat and shared spaghetti and breadsticks. She just loves going out to eat and has been so good lately! Not having accidents except for over night and listening. Just tons of fun. IT's great. So, I took her over there and she turned into Puppy Girl, crawling everywhere and barking, lovely. :) But she had a good time and I was able to get out of my meeting in an hour. So, that was wonderful. Course my friend's daughter was watching the first Gilmore Girls show of the season, she's a fan like me. So, I sat and watched it, while Cait ran around the house some more. Which was good, cause she didn't want to leave yet and she had a while to get used to the idea of leaving. And I got to watch my Gilmore Girls!!! :) It's just so nice to know I've made some good friends. I never had this when I was married. Seems like I stopped going out with all my friends cause he was always so jealous asking me where I was. Questioning me and being angry and accusing, when he was the one running around on me. I feel like I've really made a place for myself and my little girl.

So, yet again it was late when we got home, just after 8pm. And get this, as if I hadn't enough to do, I did 3 miles on the bike downstairs after I put her to bed. I think I had a lot on my mind, had to de-stress. So, when I fell into bed. I was out. But it was nice that my fireman called and I got to chat with him a little bit. He's still moving things, and was very tired but wanted to get it all done that night. We just chatted for a while, since he was driving between loads. Course, it's always good to say hi to him.

Last night, we went to the Wednesday night church thing. It was good, I was asked to help serve. We just did drinks. So, I left work a little early and got Cait and we ate first, since there's a supper before hand. So, we ate and then she was able to pick at it while I got drinks for people. It was nice, a bunch of people came up and said hi to me. I like that I know so many of them from work. So, then we had a little dessert and it was bible study time and I took her to her class, which she loved and I knew two of the teachers in her room. I went to the pastor's bible study, which was good and we worked in small groups, so we all got a chance for input. And they asked me to pray, and I did a group prayer. I've never done that before. Prayed with everyone's interest/from their input. I was kinda nervous, but one guy said I did a good job. It was weird they asked me too, the youngest in a group, plus there were 2 men. I know that's a sexist remark, but it kinda made me feel good that they thought I could handle that. That they let me speak on their behalf. So, that was good, and I picked up Cait and she didn't want to leave. She wanted to stay, she said. :) But we went home and I let her have a snack and bath, had to put her to bed. Talked to my mom a bit while I sat at the table, making sure she was asleep. Then I was so beat, I could hardly keep my eyes open. So, I took my magazine and went to bed and just when I was going to put it up and turn the lights out, my fireman called. He was working last night and called from the firehouse. We chatted for a bit. He's all excited about seeing me tomorrow, me too! I think we're going to watch The Lake House. I'm planning on making meatloaf and maybe collard greens, baked potato. He would like that. He may not be able to make it to supper cause he doesn't know when he's going to drop off his kids. That's ok. I can cook anyway, if he doesn't make it, I'll just eat it and have leftovers for the weekend. He has to finish moving his things out of his old place today and is so tired he'll probably fall out in the process. :) I wish he'd just let me help him, he may have to if he's not finished by tomorrow. Stubborn man. ;) Not that I can say much. His brother was supposed to help him move the heavy stuff and can't do that until tomorrow morning now. And I told him, I could help him at lunch today or if I needed to, I could have another friend from work come and help keep an eye on Cait so we can get some done. But course he doesn't want to be bothersome. He has to be "The Man". LOL I can laugh about it cause I would do the same thing. I know it's ridiculous, and yet I do it too. Maybe when I go home at lunch today I'll call him to make sure it's going ok. Good excuse to call him too. :)
I don't know if he would want to bring his bike and us go for a ride, I still never have got to do that and would like to sometime. Or I could show him how to use his sewing machine he bought a while back. He's been wanting to learn and I've told him I'd help him. I think he wants to make some curtains for his new house. That'd be fun and easy.

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