Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Roof and More

Hubby called me on Friday and said that he called to see if our shingles were in yet and they said that they weren't supposed to be in until the 6th. Wait, what?

So, we took our recent which states that they should be in on the 27th and returned them. Got our money back and went back to Home Depot to get the original shingles that we wanted.
Remember these? The original choice? Yes, actually as time went on I was second guessing the other shingles and wanted these instead. So, it all worked out.

Anyway, they can't deliver them to the roof. *Yipes* But they would deliver them to the house for $75. We can handle that. The 4 trips it would take because they're so heavy would make up for it. But then they couldn't deliver them until Tuesday because it was now the weekend and Monday was a holiday. So, we decided to do the 4 trips and took one home with us Friday night.

Saturday, hubby took the remaining trips home and I was busy with cleaning the house. I couldn't help him, they are about 75 - 80 pounds per bundle. He had to unload each bundle onto a pad. Took him all afternoon.

The roofer was supposed to either start on Sunday or at least come by and measure things and see what all he needed to start.

Sunday, we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, in 3D. Super good! We had loads of fun. We had a little time before the movie and ran to Home Depot again to get the 2x8's for our raised bed garden. I'll have to take photos. We got 6 boards, for 2 beds. They were 8 feet long and we had them cut 2 boards in half. So, we screwed them together as 4x8 beds with 8 inch high sides. They will go alongside our fence and we can grow our own veggies. We'll probably eventually add two more, but for this year, at least we can get it started.

Oh yeah, so Sunday night we tried to throw the air conditioning on. It wasn't working. I told hubby that it might have just froze up and not to worry. We'd just turn it off overnight and check it in the morning. He stressed all night. The roofer hadn't called and he was overwhelmed.

Monday, I had the day off for Memorial Day and we worked on the clean up from the roofing tear-off. One of the kids in town got the front cleaned up and part of the side, but I think it was too much for him, so we had to do the rest of it. You'd think kids would be lined up for $10 per hour. I know it's hard an dirty work, but still...

So, all the kids got out there and worked. Even the girl. Hubby bought her own kid's work gloves and wrote her name and a pretty rose on it for her. :) Softy. That girl worked hard! She used the wheel barrow and filled it and carried it to the dumpster and piece by piece threw the shingles over the top of the dumpster because she couldn't pick up the bucket to dump it like we were doing.

But she got over heated and we made her stop and sweep the front porch and for the rest of the afternoon, we made her the Water Girl and we would call her outside to fill up our water cups.

The other boys got a little overheated too and we made them stop after a few hours as well. The neighbors sent their oldest boy over to make him work as well. He didn't even know we were paying kids for help. So, then he was jazzed to get paid. His sis even came and worked for an hour. Yay!

I did get a little overheated, but we all got a lot accomplished. Now, we only have part of the backyeard and one side yard to clean and we're done!

One of our other neighbors had just finished going through A/C classes to get a job as a technician and my fireman went to visit him to see if he could check our unit. He came over while we were cleaning up and opened it up and pressed something down with his screw driver. The unit came to life and he looked at us and said, "So, what seems to be the problem?"

He's hilarious.

Apparently, It is just a contact thing. When you turn your A/C on, an electric current turns this contact into a magnet, which pulls the toggle down to turn the unit on. That's what he pushed down. The unit is fine. But we can't control it inside the house. So, last night, when we went inside, we just put a plastic weight on it to keep it on overnight. Hubby will pick up the piece needed to replace it tomorrow when he gets off work.


That's the good news. The bad is this:

The roofer called today and told hubby that he took a full-time job over the summer and could not shingle our house.

Hubby will be calling around to see if we can find another roofer to come do it. It wouldn't take a crew but a day to do it.

We really don't want to. We want to make sure that we did the felting job right and the blackjacking around the pipes right. Hopefully, someone will come through. And at a good price.

Oh, and the neighbor? The one that helped us out with the A/C unit?

I looked at said neighbor and said "What's your favorite pie?"
He said blueberry. He smiled really big.

I think I'll make him two.


Jana said...

LOL I wish I had neighbors like that! My neighbor is a contractor but he barely acknowledges my existance, much less offers to help.

I hope ya'll find a roofer soon. It's good to hear you're experience with it because that's the next BIG project on my list. Probably in another year or so.

Sounds like you've been super busy, though. I don't think I'd have lasted half a minute out there in the heat.

JenMarie said...

I'm thinking you need to bake some cookies and pies for the neighbor. Start now to open the lines of friendship! :)

Roofs are expensive. :P

Jana said...

I will bake for them when they clean all the junk from our property line. Until then? Not a chance. LOL

Also, when their dog stops "littering" in MY yard, I might bake for them. They have a big Boxer named Jigs and her "litter" is no small thing. Blech!

JenMarie said...

Ew. I might say something to them about that. That's nasty.