Monday, October 31, 2011

Costume Fun

We really love Halloween at my house.

Costumes are thought out and planned. Halloween festivities and haunted houses are scheduled and marked on the calendar.

When we were invited to a Halloween party one of the other firemen put on, hubby knew he had to really go all out on his costume. One of the guys at the party dressed up as Jafar from Aladdin. You know, when he turned into a genie at the end, all red and scary?

Yes, super cool.

Anyway, the girl came with us as the boys had other parties they wanted to go to. She has a vampire costume and has worn it to two different Halloween events so far and decided to pull an old costume out to wear for our Saturday night party.

She wore this when she was 2 or 3. It was a dress.

Cutest Buccaneer. Ever.

I dressed as a witch. I know, a big stretch... 

I wanted some sort of choker, but forgot to buy thick black ribbon. I found this red yarn in my sewing box and held it up to see how it would work, and I kind of liked how it looked all knotted and ragged, so I left it. The dress is all torn, too. It fits.

I found these cool tights.
And wore my black pointy pumps with silver heels.

And painted my face...

Just for added effect.

Oh, and I had a fun ring.

But the real fun was the fireman.

He was Pinhead from Hellraiser.

We layered on the liquid latex. 5 or 6 layers painted on and left to dry. Then, painted over and I took a plastic knife and scored the latex and painted in the lines.

Then, for the nails, we discovered small thin nails were too heavy, so we used a magic marker and colored spaghetti noodles and broke into small pieces and used liquid latex and glue to stick on.

Had to wait for the glue to get kind of thick and gummy, but then they stuck in really well.

We found the coat at a Halloween store. It was a generic gothic coat, but worked really well.

Some of the best costumes I've ever seen! There's Jafar on the left, with white-out contacts and long black nails, a nurse, Marty McFly with his hoverboard and there's Doc, with the flux capaciter hanging from a strap. It lit up and everything. The hoverboard had those taplights glued to the back of it.


My favorite costume?

From Birds.. Those are black ravens and doves glued to her vintage dress and hair and wrist. You can't see from here, but there are blood spatters on her dress and arms.

SOOOOO cool.

There's GI Cobra in the back with Baroness. Their two boys were dressed up as well. Fun!

On the left is Marty Culp, his wife Bobbi Mohan-Culp was also there. In character. The whole night. Oh, yes!

We carved pumpkins yesterday.
 The boy with his squinty eyed pumpkin. He really did a great job, no pattern either.

The girl carved a peace-sign.

Well, that's her. Why fight it?

We also made caramel corn, which turned out amazing, all three batches of it. The kids made popcorn balls with some of then and put them in fun Halloween bags for their friends.

Stay tuned tomorrow for pics from Halloween and toffee bar recipe that I made for the party.

So what about you guys, readers?

What are your plans? Are you dressing up, are you dressing up your kids, pups (Jana)?

Have fun and stay safe tonight!!!


Jana said...

LOL Nah, I didn't dress up the pup. I took her to the vet for her yearly shots, though, and then took her to visit a couple of little monsters. ha!

Great costumes, though, Jen! Your fireman was absolutely terrifying. lol LOVED your stockings. Those are so cool. And the girl was awesome.

JenMarie said...

Thanks! We had a really fun time with it.

I totally saw you with little devil horns on a headband for the Devil Pup. ;) LOL