Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Update with no updates

So, I haven't done any painting for the last couple of days, no updates.

I haven't even done much baking the last few days.

Sad, I know. I made a hamsteak and then browned pineapple in the pan from the juices.  Exciting stuff.

We had a few days of beautiful weather and I used the opportunity to take the bike for a ride a couple of times.

I met a Mary Kay lady to 'do my colors' Monday night. I took the bike.

Sad to say, but she had to explain how to use the brushes and where to put the color. At 31 you would think I would know how to apply make up.

Not so much. I wear beige's and golds because they look pretty and because they are neutral. I have bought some of those "If your eyes are green, buy this." And I look at the guide and try to apply it as directed.

Sad, I know.

I've even watched a few youtube videos on hair styles. *headdesk*

But she gave me some bold colors with different mix-ups and when I was putting it on, I thought, "Man, that is dark!" But I figured I'd trust her, it's what she does. And you know what? It looked great!

Maybe something to wear with brighter colors or on a 'date night', but still. I put myself out there to try something different and I wasn't dissappointed.

That makes me happy.

Why is it so easy to get stuck in a rut and not do anything different?

Then I realized how long I had chatted with her. It had gotten dark and COLD. I was glad I had brought my warm microfleece beanie and my new warm motorcycle gloves. I actually wasn't that cold. If I had brought my hoodie to layer under my leather jacket and a scarf for my neck, I would have been fine! And when I got home, it was 47 degrees! Awesome sauce!

The fireman had had a girl night with the little girl. Really cute. He had her show him how to do make up and let her put make up and nail polish on him. What a sport!

He helped her with her math and they had a ball!

I also realized that she has no make up of her own and had to use mine.

She is sooooo getting some for Christmas.

Yesterday, the girl and I took a short ride around our neighborhood on the bike. She thinks I'm soooo cool when we do that. We're going like 25 miles an hour and she has a helmet as well. But it's great fun. I wait until there's no traffic and we just putt down the back roads.

Then we went home, put up our gear and went on a walk!

I am going to really miss being able to go on walks when it gets too cold.

I just love the fall colors everywhere.

I really love my little neighborhood.

I really love the soybean field, naked after they plowed last week.

I love walking by the tiny ice cream shop and walking down to the post office,

Chatting with neighbors on the streets,

Showing off my new Mary Kay makeup!!! Glam, baby!

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