Tuesday, October 04, 2011


So, about the mural. I'm decent at drawing, but haven't done much with paint. I made a clock once and painted a coffee cup stencil on it. I used regular paint. I"m not sure how to use acrylics, which most people do on walls.

I have a grandma who paints tole art and landscape scenes. She can definitely, really, honest to goodness paint. So, I talked to her about it. She thinks I absolutely should use acrylics, rather than regular wall paint.


I don't know how to that.

I told hubby I needed to buy some supplies and practice on a piece of painted drywall. I wanted to use the same medium I will be using with the mural, so as to see what it'll be like.

We went to a Jeffrey Allan's to find painting supplies, to find that they closed out their painting section. Hubby suggested JoAnn's Fabrics cause he wanted to look at fleece for a blanket for the firestation. It gets cold at night there.

I found this system at JoAnn's:
You buy a little packet with a picture and transfer paper. Inside there is a list of supplies to create it yourself. You transfer it onto a canvas and buy the listed paintbrushes and paint. Then, there is step by step instructions to loading your brush and learning the appropriate brush strokes.

I was excited.

I went ahead and got their brushes just because they were all in a pack and it was everything I needed. And I thought it would be good to have all of the same 'system'.

While asking one of the store helpers about paint, she told me that they were holding a Social Artworking painting class the weekend after next!

I totally signed up! AND they were having an open house which meant I got the class half off!

You had to choose between two pictures and there was a list of supplies I needed.

Seriously, I am so jazzed. I have a supply list. I'm taking a class! Hehehe

I loved school. I love learning.

The teacher teaches at one of the colleges nearby. So, we have a knowledgeable teacher.

When I'm done, I'll leave with the painting completed.
So. Awesome.

I really feel that if I can paint with the tecniques on this painting, I can definitely do the wall, no problem.


Jana said...

That's exciting, Jen. Sounds like an excellent opportunity all around. I think you'll do fab with it.

Doncha just love it when a plan comes together? ;-)

JenMarie said...

No kidding! That's what I kept thinking. :)

Mallie said...

Hi Jen,
I posted a link to your blog on the Social Artworking Facebook page-- I'd for you to come back and share how your class went and more about your Social Artworking experience!



JenMarie said...

Awesome, thanks!