Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Photo Montage

It's well and truly fall. Well, you already knew that. I've been posting blogs about our fall field trips to apple orchards and the trees and the colors.

It's no secret that in our household, fall is the favorite of seasons.

Fall rules!
We have 6 pumpkins lining our porch. That's the fireman and me on the left, and the kiddo's on the right. The girl is represented by a pie pumpkin. She's just that much sweeter.


Thank you.

The fireman said, "You should buy some mums for the porch, too. That'd look really nice!"

He's going to kill me for quoting him on that. But it's totally the truth.

I took some FALL PHOTOS on a walk with the girl around our neighborhood.
Pretty. Yellow in the trees, yellow and orange on the ground.
Brilliant red bush. Gorgeous!

This is from my office window. I look at these trees every day and watch the color change. I have been wanting to share with you!
On the walk to my jeep after work.
There's Lucy! She's the green jeep.

Love the leaves.

Ooh, leaf strewn pathway.

There's another small town very nearby that I actually lived in for a short amount of time. It was really fun, cause the house I rented was really small and old and very unique. Difficult to plan around, but tons of personality. HUGE fireplace. The girl was a toddler and we lived close enough to this really cool historic downtown that I'd take her on walks in the stroller and walk around.

We were killing time the other day and I took her again. We took a drive down Grandview Drive with lots of big mansions. Just for fun looking at them.

We stopped by the little coffee shop to grab a Cup O' Joe. She had a Cup O' Cocoa.

Do you see what I did there?

That there was pure literary genius.

Aren't you glad I tell you these things?

I'm having way more fun with this blog now that I know the fireman reads it.

He loves it when I explain my jokes.

Rock On!

That girl, she's tough.

It was also a good opportunity for some more FALL pictures.


See how I worked in another fall post?

Aren't the leaves lovely? *sigh*

This is at the coffee shop. Out the window on the walk-out basement. Looking out from where they roast the coffee and sell the coffee in bulk.

It smells wonderful in here.

The coffee shop is a renovated house.

Super cool.

Looking up to the right.

What a pretty tree.

What pretty leaves!

I'm nearly done.

Oh, look! A candid shot.

It's like I'm not even there.
Oh, look I'm a grown up, I'm just sippin my joe, walkin along downtown.

Either that or

Are you done yet, Mom?

You pick.


Jana said...

Love the pics. It's just now starting to look like Fall around here. I'm still loving all the milder temps, though. Today's the first day it's actually been cold-ish. :-)

BTW, I'm So. Jealous. of that cup o' cocoa. lol Looks like she was enjoying it, though. :-)

JenMarie said...

The leaves are already fading. A lot of the trees look different today than in those pics, just last week. Branches are bare and the temps have dropped again. Feelin the winter trying to creep in early.

I took a sip of the cup o' cocoa. It was a little sweet, actually! :) But she did love it. :)