Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Fun

The weekend was perfect and wonderful.

I went to a Mary Kay party on Saturday, took the bike because the weather was perfect. When the hostess greeted me at the door she was laughing and said that one of the ladies inside was all, "Some lady just pulled in on a bike!" :)

We all had a fun time. They were all fireman wives. We had a lot to chat about, laugh about, grouse about.

Hubby and I went through the study together and made a pile for goodwill. I love consolidating. Lots of books we don't need/want. We were able to get rid of a curio cabinet in the living room that we didn't need. Means more space! I love empty space.

Sunday, we took the two youngest kids to the local apple orchard. Man, it was busy.
The girl with her best 'tough' face.

There was lots for the kids to do. A playground for them to run around, ride 3 wheeled bikes in races around a track, a haybale maze, a mini golf game. Apple carts hauled by a tractor.
The boy even got into the fun. He jumped on the wagon, er plane, and ran around it with the girl. I think he's got a little 'boy' left in him after all.

It was nice to see his eyes light up. I offered to play with the girl and let the fireman take the boy on the U-Pick apple trail by himself so he wasn't bored. But the boy said," Oh, there's the haybale maze. I remember that. That looks like fun." And he was back to being a kid again.


He played mini golf while the girl did the apple barrel train and did another round of go-kart bikes while I waited with the girl on the pony rides. He was a 'little' over the weight limit. He's like only 20lbs under me! Geez!

We took the covered wagon into the apple orchard with our bag and filled it with all the apples we could fit in it. Wandering up and down the rows and deciding which apples we liked best.

The kids were sticky with apple juice on their face and hands and fell asleep in the truck on the way home.

The fireman looked at me and grinned on the way home.

The girl came to work with me yesterday. We had a great time. It was Columbus day, so no school and the fireman was working. So, she sat next to me and played on her little netbook and watched a movie on her portable DVD player in the afternoon.

We ate lunch together and giggled together. Lots of fun.

Then we ran by Chili's for chips n salsa and finished our Twilight Saga re-watching by watching Eclipse last night. We're officially ready for Breaking Dawn next month.

Look, I know the series is cheezy, but it's still fun and a fairly modest look at love. We've been able to talk about a lot of relationship questions and she gets most of it. Haven't decided yet if the next installment is too serious of a subject for theater viewing. May wait until I can see it myself first.

Still, fun quiet, movie watching, chip eating night.

The office is quiet today without her...


Jana said...

Awe, that sounds like fun. Glad both of the kids enjoyed it.

And girl, my friends and I have been planning our Breaking Dawn night out for MONTHS. LOL Unfortunately, work threw a monkey wrench into our plans so not we're not sure when we'll get to go. Blergh.

JenMarie said...

:) I should plan a 'special' girls night around the Breaking Dawn night!
Except it won't be at midnight on a school night! Geez, I sound like a mom... LOL