Thursday, October 06, 2011

Soccer and Pie

Last night my parents came down to visit and to see the girl play a soccer game. They won, by the way. :)
We ran by the local Italian restaurant and picked up a gallon of spaghetti and some sandwiches. I threw this  Chocolate Chip Pie in the toaster oven while we ate.

Oh. My. It was goooood.

Gooey, rich, warm. With a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. *sigh*

I really should have taken a picture, but if you go through the link, there are photos.

Maybe I'll take a pic tonight. It isn't gone completely. Surprisingly

I really cannot stress enough how wonderfully delicious this pie was. Salty, crispy crust, gooey sweet center, dark chocolate chips. *double sigh*

Make it tonight! It's super simple.

Hubby and I really love when they come visit.

We sat around chatting, drinking coffee, eating dessert (my pie, my mom's pumpkin pie and her pumpkin bread). It was great fun!

Mom's pumpkin bread was super yummy too. Crumbly and moist and full of yummy spices.

It tasted like fall.

Without the leaves.


Jana said...

Mmmm...that pie does sound yummy. That Jessica can sure get us in more trouble, huh? lol

Glad you had a fun (and yummy!) visit with your parents. I think sometimes I take mine for granted because I see them all the time. Maybe I should pretend I moved away and avoid them for a few months so I can appreciate them more.:-D

JenMarie said...

Whatever it takes, Jana! :)