Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Halloween Wrap Up

My Halloween posting timeline has been a little behind, but I'm getting there.

Monday, my fireman worked and the boys were at their mom's, so it was just me and Da Girl. I left work early so that I could catch this.
Her 3rd grade Halloween party. Fun! They actually had pretty cool games.

Then, we went home and started make up.
Beware! There are vampires in here...

Do you see my frightening nails? I know you're afraid.

We had to stop by the fire station to see a certain special fireman.

Then, we stopped at Einstein's Bagel's for sandwich bagels. I figured a nice warm sandwich would be good on the tummy before pouring in gobs of candy and chocolate.

She told the lady she was on an all blood diet.


Outside the bagel shop. She thought it was hilarious that she couldn't open her car door or buckle her seatbelt without help, as she would knock off one of her nails. So, she'd stand by the car door, "Ok, Mom. I'm ready to be let in."


She's so scary she scares herself!

Waiting for a few early trick or treaters. She wanted to hand out candy to the little kiddo's.
Her friend stopped by!

She's seriously impressed with her nails, BTW.

Her stash.

She asked me to take a plastic bag in my coat pocket, for when her bucket filled up.

She also told me that her youngest brother told her that it's a good idea to dump her bucket often because, "then everyone will think the poor little girl doesn't have any candy!"

Brothers....I wonder what other 'helpful hints' he's given her.

Guarding her goods.
End of the night make up picture.

I'm going to save this one for when she starts dating.

Then, we showered off all the make up, got on comfy PJ's and watched Hocus Pocus on ABC.

Hope everyone had a spooky, candy filled night!

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