Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Zingats, otherwise known as KitKat stuffed Zingers

I'll admit it.

I'm a conformist.

I fall for peer pressure!

Almost everyone else is doing it, Mom!

All the popular blogs are blogging about recipes with leftover Halloween candy!

And I wanna!

Ok, so I didn't bake anything, I just stuffed something.

That counts, right?

Zingers, meet knife.... and KitKat's.

Ready to be forged into something scary and wonderful.
I did it. I changed and mangled the beautiful Zinger.

Oh, you with your chocolately goodness.

 I have corrupted you forever!

Give me a Break! *haha hehe oh ho ho*

Get it? Give me a break??? Kit Kat???



Oh! Look!

Methinks there is a smile on that face.....

Zingats....coming to a store near you.

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