Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ham & Pineapple

I know you guys know how to cook basic meals. Probably you've been doing it since you moved outa the house.

The thing is, sometimes we don't think about pairing food items up. Just like the Pork Chops with Apples & Onions. And half the time I struggle finding supper ideas.

So today's food posting isn't anything tough. It isn't anything difficult.

I kinda think that's great.

Don't we all need a few fast, easy meals that are super tasty?

I keep ham steaks, like the Cook's brand, in the freezer. If the everybody is home for dinner, I cook up 3 ham steaks, if it's just the girl and I, I cook one.

It's easy, you just cut up in pieces and cut off the larger pieces of fat. I trimmed this one badly. Oops.

I don't add water. I only barely defrost. Just enough to cut the pieces up.

It sizzles and cooks and I just let it. Water forms on the bottom from the frozen pieces, some of the fat liquifies and sizzles.

Once the liquid is down and it's browning, I pour in some juice from a can of pineapple chunks. Just enough to coat the bottom of the pan and let it cook in. Make sure to turn your ham so it browns on both sides.

If you like sweeter ham, mix up a bit of brown sugar with your pineapple juice, or sprinkle it on.

Do this a couple of times to get the pineapple flavor in your ham, and every time the liquid is down and your ham is browning, I move the ham around to pick up all the browned goodness on the bottom of the pan.

Then move your meat onto a plate and...

Dump your pineapple right into the pan with a little juice. You are browning the pinapple and you are also deglazing the pan of all the yummy juices.

How hard is that?

Oh, yum.

As kids, my sis and I would fight over the last few pineapple.

If your kids look at this with dubious eyes, just throw it in a bowl and serve on the table. They can try it on the side and not necessarily on their ham.

But me? I want it right on the ham. I cut up the ham and get some meat and pineapple on each bite.

I think this goes well with rice and peas, but that's just me.

You know how some foods you just tend to always serve together? These are one of those foods. Maybe I'm trying to go with a theme. Hawaiian foods, sorta. They eat a lot of rice, right?

What do I know.

Oh, and I totally cheat and use a rice maker. I love it! I can make rice in a pot, bu t it's soooo easy to just pop it in here and have perfect rice cooking while you go and fix other food.

Easy, quick meal, and on the table in 20 minutes.

Yeeha! Wait, what?


Chelsea @ Naturally Sweet Recipes said...

LOVE pineapple! This recipe sounds delicious!! Thanks!

JenMarie said...

Seriously thanks! I hoped others would love it. It's a favorite in our house.