Monday, November 14, 2011

Tiling Madness

The tiling has commenced!

I came home Friday to find this...

The fireman has starting the bathroom tiling! He hadn't pulled out the tile saw yet, but just placed some of the full tile pieces.

And he just texted me from the store right now to show me options for the edges. Bull-nosed tiles and corner pieces.
A week ago, he had me in there with an orange crayon, marking x's where I wanted the accent tiles scattered. There's one on the top right.

Here's another one at the top center.

I really like that rough, stone look.

These are the corners for shelving. We found this large chunk of granite at a builder's store as scrap. Bought it for $16. He cut it up into wedges for 4 shelves, two on each side. They will be 12 inches across the front.

Then when I came home from visiting my mom on Sunday, I found this...

The shelf in place! Awesome.

He's working on it more today. He's hoping to get the tiling all cut and in place this week so we can start the brick work in the livingroom this weekend.

I REALLY love the shelf.
Probably enough room for all my hair conditioners and face scrubs and masks and body scrubs and shaving creams and shampoos.



Jana said...

Awesome. I'm totally digging the tile and those shelves are gonna be so great to have. Color me jealous. ;-)

JenMarie said...

I can't wait! I'm really impressed with hubby's tiling abilities. Pretty sure I couldn't do that.

Jana said...

Oh, I KNOW I couldn't do it. Not without making a total mess first. LOL I'm dying to put in a pretty backsplash in my kitchen but I can just picture the disaster I'd create. Neat, tidy and methodical, I'm not. I need to get HGTV'd. lol