Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Story, Courtesy of The Girl

I found this in my drawer. This was given to me a while back by my girl.

It's titled: Three Chipmunks In My Closet.
This one.

Pardon our basement.

Paraphrased for those without young children:

There was a girl and her name is Rose and I opened my closet and it surprised me.
I could not believe my eyes. I saw three chicmunks (I'm going with chicmunks cause it's cuter.) standing side by side and do you know what I said?
The end.

This is just adorable and sweet and cute.

And if you don't have little ones, you may not think so and therefore may avert your eyes.

Thank you.

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Jana said...

Too cute! I treasure all the cute stuff my neices and nephew give me so I totally get the keepsake factor here. :)