Thursday, March 24, 2011

Barn Wood, I Think I Love You

Dear hubby got the columns up to support the beam. Looks amazing! We still need to polyeurethane them to make them shine, baby! The bolts have to be drilled. It's nearly done!

Here's one from the hallway side.

That wall down at the end with the OSB plywood will be bricked. Right now the wall is open where it runs into the beam down there, but the brick wall will run into that beam.

Once we decide on lights to go over our now comfortably positioned table, we can call the plasterer and have him come patch up our many holes.

Yipes! That's a mighty big hole. That's where the archway was to the dining room. That portion was bowed a bit from the weight of  the plaster. That's why it cracked like that. The supports in the attic were to support this section.

We're down to two ideas for lighting. Using a 3 light stained glass chandeleir light over the table; something a little more feminine and whimsical against the rough wood and brick, but still iron and aged to work with it. Like these.

Or 2 or 3 downward hanging pendant lights. It would give off more light. I like this one.

But it's 20 inches wide and I think we could only fit one or two. I'm not sure if that'd be bright enough. We have a dark green wall running from the dining room through one side of the living room. We plan to have a colorful mural behind the dining room wall, but we want to light the area up. Homework is done here, and lots of other projects. I emailed Lowe's to see how many bulbs go in this pendant light, so we'll see.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Jana said...

I love the simplicity of the pendant light but the first one is really beautiful. I don't think you could lose with any of these choices. :)

Lovin' the barn wood, too. *swoon*