Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Girl Time

Every third day, my fireman works a 24 hour shift. On these days, the boys go to their mom's for the day and it's just me and the girl.We have fun.

Last Friday night we had pedicures and watched The Princess Diaries. Lots of fun. Last night, we watched Princess Diaries II. Equally fun.

I highly recommend having a daughter just so that you can have an excuse to watch movies like this.


Jana said...

I always wanted a daughter so I could have a justified reason to continue playing with Barbies. lol Emmy went through a short phase of it when she was about four or five and those were the most fun years of being an aunt. lol

JenMarie said...

Oh, I wish you lived nearby, you could play with her. I loathe playing Barbies. I try, but I REALLY don't like it!

Jana said...

Awe, Barbies are so fun! Especially if you have furniture and stuff to go with them. You can create your own little soap opera! hehehe