Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just Another Update

Last night, hubby and I watched Being Human and Harry's Law that we had DVR'd Monday night. Oh, DVR, how I love thee. I love that we can watch our shows together whenever we have time. I still have a new Bones on there that I haven't had a chance to watch. Tonight, I will get to enjoy that. I wait till my hubby is at work to watch it, because while he doesn't mind the show, Temperence is too 'analytical' for him. But, as an accountant, sometimes I really get her.

Not much done on the construction, my hubby is working on grinding out the wood of a 6th beam, for the purposes of capping one of our interior walls. It's too heavy to tie in, but if he hollows out part of the wood, he can slide it onto the edge. It'll really tie in the look with the beams. The wood is just so pretty and there is so much character to it. This job is going to take him some time. I'll have to snap a few pictures of this job to post. It's an interesting thing.

I'm getting excited for this weekend! It's my fireman's birthday and I'm whisking him away to Chicago for the weekend. We're going to take the train and he doesn't know any of it yet! He just knows he has to pack for the weekend! :) We've never done the Chicago thing, so I'm jazzed. The food! The museums! The food! Anyway, I"ll be sure to take pictures as well.

Off to the dentist...yipes!


Jana said...

How exciting! Hope ya'll have a safe trip and an excellent time. :)

JenMarie said...