Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Concert

Last night, the girl had a spring concert. They sang lots of cool jungle/hip hop songs. Like the Raptor Rap, Go Ape and Cool Cats with lots of fun jumping and hand gestures. Their music teacher is awesome. Can't really see her, but she's on the right having a great time.

Here's a close up of my cutie pie.  She's really hamming it up! The kids did such a good time. I had to curl her hair and let her wear some of my fancy dangling earrings! :)

Kids are great.


Jana said...

Woah! When did she get to be such a little grown-up? lol Gracious, these kids just don't stay kids for long, do they?

Glad she had fun!

JenMarie said...

No kidding! She's 7 going on 27. :)