Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In Which She Sets Off Alarms

So, yesterday morning I got a phonecall from one of our CSR's here. I work at an FBO (the private side of an airport). We provide fuel for the airlines and any personal or corporate airplanes that are landing in town. He was leaving at 8am to take his wife to a Dr's appt and the other girl at the front desk has a sick kiddo and won't be in today. So, he asked if I could come straight to the front desk when I got to work and cover for him for a couple of hours.

Now, I've covered before and can mostly get by at the front desk for a while. But they do an awful lot down there, from fuel orders to catering, to credit card running. Most of it I'm okay at, but that odd thing that comes in I probably won't know what to do. So, I figured I'd call someone if I had to. No biggy.

I was doing fine for a while.

Then I noticed they had new door buttons for allowing access to the ramp (restricted area). So, when a pilot needed out, I pressed it to let him out, but it didn't work. Then I noticed the old door buttons. They DIDN'T change. And I wasn't sure what the new ones were. I wasn't terribly worried, though.

Then someone needed access to the hangar's and I buzzed them in (totally different button altogether). The NEW ALARM system went off. The new alarm system that I just happened to set by pressing the wrong button. YIPES! So, I immediately call the line service manager and he told me the password. So, I punched it in. Relief! Then I let someone else out. The alarm went off again. I punched the password in again. Relief.

The phone rings and it's the alarm company, and I have to tell her it was an accident. And I give her the password. Then someone goes through the door again and the alarm goes off! I punch in the password again and am frustrated. Then I noticed the alarm system is asking me if I want to disarm the system. I was only turning off the alarm, not the system. Gee Whiz!

The alarm company calls AGAIN and I give her the password and apologize.

I don't think they'll let me at the front desk anytime soon again.


Jana said...

Forgive me but....hehehehehe

Man, that musta been so frustrating and nervewracking! I'd have been a nervous wreck. Glad you figured it out, though! At least next time (if there's a next time) you'll know all about it. Hopefully. ;-)

JenMarie said...

Oddly enough, it kinda cracked me up at the time.

I told everyone that I now have a thorough knowledge of how to work the alarm system. :)