Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend shopping

We sure did a lot of shopping this last weekend. We got groceries Friday night, went to the mall for a few things on Saturday, and the library. Yes!!! Then on Sunday, we had to take the youngest boy clothes shopping.
"Do you think we should go to Kohls" Fireman said
"Uh, dunno. What does he like?" I said
"Dunno, the other boys like Kohls" Fireman said
"Boy! What kind of pants do you like?" I said
"Uh, dunno." Youngest Boy
****crickets chirping****
"Let's take advantage of it while we can" I said to Fireman

We went to Target and grabbed 4 pants that were his size and he stopped in the dressing room. He comes out and says that one pair was too large.

"Did you like them?" I said
"Sure, they fit." Youngest Boy said
"Do you want to try more on or go try another store?" I said
"No, they fit. I like them." he says

I look at my hubby. We've been here 5 minutes and he's done. To say that the girl and the older boys aren't this easy would be a grave understatement.

The shoes were faster than that to pick out.
"Uh, I like these." he says
"These are your size" I say
He tries them on.
"Okay" he says and puts them in the cart.
****crickets chirping****
I look over at Fireman.
"Really?" I say
"He's easy" Fireman says
"I love him" I say

We let him grab a couple pairs of fun shirts on sale and the girl of course has picked out a pair of sandals that she is buying with her own money because she couldn't wait for the spring for me to take her summer shoe shopping.

Differences. Grave differences.
It's only a matter of time before he's requesting more expensive clothing. But you can bet that we'll take advantage of it while we can.

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Jana said...

Wow. lol Yep, better enjoy it while you can! ;-)