Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day

Hubby had to work this weekend and the boys were at their mom's for Mother's Day, so the girl and I went to my mom's for the weekend. It was a slow, relaxing weekend. My favorite.

On Saturday, we stopped for coffee/chocolate milk on the way up and listened to music picked out by the girl. Which means we listened to Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and The Chipmunks.

We also stopped by a plant nursery called "The Picket Fence" on the way to pick up some pretty flowers for my mom and my grandma. Super cute store! That way, my exposure to the plants was very limited. This is a good thing. Plants in the ground, no problem. Plants in a pot + me = dead.
Just sayin'.

We took my mom out to eat at a local pizzeria in town that she hadn't ever been to. Little rural towns are fun. I love walking around them and seeing the neat stores. The streets aren't full of Starbucks and Barnes N Nobles and Walgreens. Not that I don't love these places, but I also love trying Leaves N Beans and Preckshot's Pharmacy and The French Toast. Okay, so the shops I listed aren't in the small town we went for pizza. They are in another small town, one nearer to our house. I like to keep it honest here.

The girl really loved running around the farm, feeding the horses and petting them. There were kittens up in the haymow. Three little, black, fluffy things. They meowed SOOO loudly. I should have taken a picture, cause they were cute! She also had a lot of fun swinging on the swing.

I remember when it was a baby swing and I had to push her as she'd giggle and try to grab leaves off of the tree. Now, she's all legs and kicks herself high in the sky. Lordy, she's grown. If anyone has any anti-aging medication, let me know. I'll buy a case.

Mom and I watched Morning Glory after she went to bed. It was cute. Maybe not as funny as I thought it'd be, but cute, nonetheless. Harrison Ford really is an amazing actor.

Sunday, we had a big dinner, at noon. Mom made pork roast with cheesy potatoes, corn, Brussels sprouts (yum!) and rolls (oh, my!). Oh, and pan gravy (swoon). After we consumed all of this, she brought out the cake she made. I had to roll home.

When we got home, we ran into town and rented a cute romantic comedy for later. I highly recommend having girls. This way you have excuses to rent movies like Megamind and have someone to watch the cheesier romance movies. Hubby's good, but I can only ask so much.

Then we stopped by a local park to try a different trail to hike. We went a lot farther than we did last time and there were more hills, so by the time we got back to the Jeep, we were exhausted! We stopped a few times on the trail, but we were still pretty worn out. We were out in the woods for an hour, but I think we only hiked like a mile and half or so. I'm not entirely sure. Those hills were killing me!
I printed out a map to take with us next time. Our park district has the trails mapped out, but I don't think they're entirely accurate. I'll try to add to my map as we go. There are different trails out there and they're not named, so I kept taking the right trail this time so we wouldn't get lost, but I think with the map and a compass (just in case), next time we can be a little more adventurous.

All in all, good weekend! It would have been more fun to have the hubby and boys home, but we'll all be together tonight. He's making me a beef roast tonight. And he's adding red wine.

I love that man.

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