Monday, May 16, 2011

Roofing Plans

So, we bought our shingles for the roof. We are going to, at some point, paint the aluminum siding on the house. Cause, you know, It's currently two different colors. Someone added new siding in a different color.

Like, the house is mossy green, but most of the front of the house is a barn/burgundy red. Really.


So, we had to decide on the color of the siding before we could decide on the color of the shingles. We decided on a color similar to the red on there now, with white trim, but maybe something with a little more punchy color to it. For shingles, we went to Home Depot and found these.

And decided they were perfect and would get them!

Then last Sunday we were at Menards pricing roofing supplies as well and we saw these.

And scrapped the original plan and bought them!

So, we have shingles and I called to have a dumpster delivered next Monday morning. Early.

I'm excited about the new roof. I'm not excited abou tthe roof. I am more excited than the hubby, though.

Cause, I'll take off Monday to get started on the tear-off of the roof, then mostly, he'll work with the rest of the guys to get it finished. I'll help the clean up when I get home, which is a lot of work! The kids can help do that. Then, he'll work with the guys and get the new shingles nailed down.

Fun fact: a bundle of shingles weighs about 60-70 lbs. Architectural shingles like these weight about 80-85 lbs.

Try carrying them up onto the roof to begin nailing. No thank you.

By the way, the other guys that I mentioned that will be helping hubby out on the roof.

They're firemen that he works with.

I'll be charging admission for viewing. $10 for a lawn chair $8 if you bring your own chair. BYOB


Jana said...

Man I hate I missed all these hot firemen. It'd've totally been worth the price of admission. See if you can talk any of them into comeing to Mississippi to help a chubby girl with some home inmprovement. LOL

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