Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's up

The girl and the middle boy have to get a filling today. This is sad for three reasons, first of all, they will be hurting (awe), secondly it will cost money (yipes), thirdly they will be in an awful mood for the next 4 hours or so (groan).

I talked to hubby this morning about a vegetable garden. We were going to wait till next year to finish the backyard, but I thought it wouldn't take much work to till out a small garden this year. Enough to have tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, bell peppers and squash. Not a ton, just some. Hubby is very industrial. He says, "Well, it wouldn't take much to go ahead and make some raised beds." I'm up for that. So, we'll just do enough for this year, we can always add on next year. I'm excited!

Still haven't decided about railing for the porch or decided what do do about the roof. We need to nail down some answers there so we can move along.

Hubby's also working on some additional wiring for the livingroom remodel. Just a few things to finish up the space. We took out the outlets on the wall we took down and are rerunning them from the basement since they will be on the beams we put up. We want it near the ground since they're going to be exposed outlets. Very industrial looking.

No, the plasterer still hasn't had time to come down. We still have "The Hole".

The muralist is going to come on Sunday to show us her sketch. I'm worried. I don't want it to be too expensive. Cause I just know I'm gonna love it. Then I'll be sad I can't have it. And nothing I can do will be as creative.

Summer came yesterday, Winter finally left. We had no Spring this year. She decided she didn't want to come visit. We went from 35 to 85, one day to the next. Seriously.

One of those electrical fixes hubby's going to work on is the house fan. We will have a switch again and cool the house without running the A/C. Yay! Yesterday, it felt like Florida. Hot, humid, sweltering. You get the picture.

Rain again in the forecast today, so I did not get to ride my motorcycle to work. Again no rain to be seen and I'm disappointed. The rain is supposed to come around 5pm, just when I'm getting home.

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