Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Bathroom

This bathroom has been a work in project for quite some time.

At one point it was finished, as a full, large shower only with white 4x4 tile above the shower walls and across the ceiling.

Then, the shower pan cracked, manufacturer's fault, credit was issued and I was able to persuade hubby to a nice, large tub. I love a good soak.

Hubby had to rip out the tile to take down the shower walls, to get to the shower pan.

So, we ordered the tub, but we got stuck working on the livingroom and the roof, and the beautiful tub sat in the garage.

We have another shower downstairs, by the way.

We finished getting the remainder of the ceiling tile out of the shower area and the ceiling was open to the attic for a couple of days.

Yesterday, the fireman got the green board up.
Greenboard is like drywall, but it can get wet. There's also a 2x4 width that he drywalled, for a small lip at the edge of the shower ceiling. This will get mudded and be a normal drywalled ceiling.

This is the space where the tub will sit. Hubby has a board over the drain, so that the kitty won't get trapped in the floor.

Once the drain is moved, we can install the tub! Ye-ha!

A couple of weeks ago, we bought pretty gray tiles, with a tumbled look for the walls, they will run from the tub to the ceiling.

Here's a view from the bathroom door. The shower is off to the right. It's a narrow room.

Please excuse the underwater towel used for a curtain because we have no window trim here yet...

This is the pretty sink that the fireman bought before we were married. The only problem is the oil rubbed bronze faucet that Will. Not. Clean. I can take the finish off, but not clean it properly. We have new brushed nickel faucets to install here.

There is sealed beadboard with dark stained trim and a tall chair rail that my husband installed quite a while ago. He is worried that it makes the bathroom look even more narrow. I think if we paint the green an off-white/cream color, it will brighten it up.

We'd have to take the chair rail around the mirror as well, to border it, I think.

We'll paint it white and see if it brightens the room enough, if not, we'll be ripping it off too and drywalling it.

Diet update: 180.2 lbs! Yay! Last day of Attack Phase!! For the next few weeks, I alternate days of Pure Protein and Protein and Vegetables, until I get to my goal weight.


Jana said...

I LOVE that sink. If I didn't require so much counter space for all my junk I'd totally save my pennies for one like that.

I think paiting the bead board and over the green will definitely lighten things up. Even if you went with a lighter shade of green for the wall above the bead board and the bead board white. Ah the possibilities! :-)

G'luck and have fun! Glad it's all coming together.

JenMarie said...

It is a pretty sink. It's prettier when there's not much on it, but more convenient to leave things out on it.

Thanks! We painted one dining room wall and a living room wall a dark green, so we need to get away from too much green. :) I think a nice white bathroom with all the fixtures will be nice. But I hadn't thought of painting the bead board white. We could still have a wood trim on it. Maybe white wash it.

Thanks for the encouragement!