Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Hole

Finally got a call from the plasterer. He's coming tomorrow morning at 8:30am! Hubby works today and will have an overtime day tomorrow. We didn't want to have to wait any longer, so I'm taking a couple of hours off on Friday morning to be home for him and then will go in to work.

Remember this hole? It's where we took out the wall.
Tomorrow it'll be gone.

And I'll take pictures!!

Hubby and I sat and chatted about the next steps to the house, what we planned on doing before we put the new floors down. Now that the living room is mostly done, we will probably concentrate on the bathroom, especially moving in the new tub, before we put the new floors in. I can work on painting in the living room while he does some of the harder work in the bathroom.

The bathroom work will consist of moving the old drain, it was center drain for a shower only, changing out the oil rubbed bronze sink faucet and towel rack to brushed nickel. I can probably do that job. The oil rubbed bronze is beautiful, however it's a pain to clean. If you use harsh chemicals, it takes the finish off and if you don't, you get a build up of gunk. I'm sure if you bought the $400 real oil rubbed bronze fixtures, they would last, but we don't roll that way.

Once we get the tub in and the new drain and faucet in, we are tiling the walls of the shower with 6x6 textured gray tile. It's pretty! Then, we'll add some shelves (that we still haven't figured out yet) into the tiles and the new shower head. We bought a new brushed nickel curved shower rod as well. We are also painting the bathroom a nice clean cream color, and then finishing up some trim like white crown molding around the ceiling and some quarter round around the shower where the tile meets dry wall.

It's lots of fun planning these things.

He had taken the boys back to their mom's around 5, so it was just us and we threw some hot dogs in the toaster oven and he helped me with my bike project for the next hour or so. Or until the light failed us and the neighbor came over to see what we were up to and we chatted until dark. My tail light change required me to add a couple of small holes in the under part of the fender. So, I was drilling into my fender! It was weird. It was cool.

We finally got it in, but the wires aren't attached yet.

I can work on that tonight by myself.

Talked to the girl, like every night. She got to go out on a boat today. They saw dolphins and they did tricks. She was very excited. She's anxious to come home, though. I am, too!!! I miss my little one with her hugs and her laughter.

Then we watched an episode of DVR'd Memphis Beat and went to bed.

The end.


Anonymous said...

I think the changes to the bath room sound nice. I like the curved shower bars.

JenMarie said...

Thanks! I'll post pictures of the fixtures we found and before shots. It'll be fun!

Jana said...

Girl, I'd LOVE some new bathroom fixtures. That's way on down the list, though.

Sounds like ya'll are making great strides with everything. So excited for you! :)