Monday, July 25, 2011

Love affairs, beef and dieting.

So, my ceiling rocks socks.

I heart my ceiling.

That sounds strange, but I don't care. I'm in a love affair with my ceiling and you can't tell me it's wrong.

My parents came to visit Saturday afternoon, we took them to supper. We double dated with my parents.

It rocked! We went to Logan's Roadhouse and ate too much beef and too much loaded sweet potatoes.

Seriously. I'm talking butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. It was like a sweet potato pie in your mouth.
Or in my mouth, really.

I had a skewer of grilled veggies and sauteed mushrooms on my steak. Oh, yum.

Is it weird that I think my parents are cool?

Took the youngest boy, my fireman and my friend's family to the air show last weekend.

Got burned crispy. One of these days I'll realize that my illusions of being a bronze beauty are faulty. I'm european. My ancestors came from a land with little sun and much rain. I do not tan. Maybe I'll have it figured out by the time I turn 40. Gives me 9 years. Probably not.

I worked on my bike's wiring scheme. This time with the fireman's help. He got us closer. I got the LEFT turn signal to work, but not the right. *ugh*

I still have one other idea. We'll get it!

Hubby and I started the Dukan Diet. It's a high protein diet. I've lost 7 pounds over the last few months by cutting carbs and amping up my protein. Protein revs your metabolism and burns excess fat. Hubby wanted to try the diet proper, so I said I'd do it with him. Yesterday was hard! Today's not. I only have to do 3 days on the ATTACK PHASE.
Doesn't that sound like I'm going to battle? I totally am! The diet guide says I can lose another 15 pounds. We'll see. If I lose another 5-10 I'll be happy. But I'm gonna stick with it. It's easier to do it with someone than by yourself.

I started yesterday morning at 182 and this morning am 181.6

That's brave, listing my weight like that.

That's how I roll.

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