Thursday, February 02, 2012

Another Foggy Day

It's a foggy foggy foggy day here at the airport. The visibility's too low to fly in. It's thick as mud out there.
Right behind that sign, there's a parking lot. And it's practically full of cars. I am standing just accross the street. Geez.

Driving sure was fun this morning.

This is the backside of the livingroom brick wall. It's a third of the way done! Looks awesome. I'm really going to enjoy it.

I am enjoying it.

Last night, the girl and I watched Anne Hatheway's One Day. Ugh. Can't say I really enjoyed it, really, at all. I experimented with a low carb chocolate muffin recipe, but it's not quite good enough to post about yet. Almost there, though!

We ate leftover ham. Nothing terribly exciting. Well, she had leftover ham and pizza rolls. We exercised and studied and then watched that movie that was boring. We ended up chatting throughout it, so no big loss. I won't tell anyone how it ended, but ugh. That's all I have to say.

Today, the fireman's making a beef potroast. Yum! I love going to home to a warm meal that I didn't have to make. I know, ladies, I'm way lucky.

I'm supposed to be making something to bring in for tomorrow. We're having a pre-superbowl potluck party at work. Not sure what I can bring that I can eat. I may bring something that I can't eat, but that's super good. Some crazy, calorie-laden dessert. I don't know.

Either way, it looks like I'm finally breaking my no cooking streak. Tonight! I cook! And tomorrow? I post!

Lucky you..... ;)


Annie @ Naturally Sweet Recipes said...

It's pretty foggy here too! At least it's staying lighter out longer! We're getting closer to spring! Congrats on the wall, almost there! Can't wait to see what you cook up. :)

Jana said...

My gracious at the fog! *shudders*

Thanks for the head's up on that movie. Means I can skip it. Actually, I'd forgotten all about that one. lol

My parents and I are having a Super Bowl party minus the Super Bowl. Not big sports fans but we love the party food. hehehehe I'm sure whatever you take to yours will be amazing. ;-)

JenMarie said...

The fog is oddly frustrating and strangely beautiful. Oh, what I wouldn't give for an expensive camera and a full day off...

Jana-what is it about football? Boring to me as well... I just want the food. lol